Five Reasons Why Rambo Should Not be a TV Show

Five Reasons Why Rambo Should Not be a TV Show

Five Reasons Why Rambo Should Not be a TV Show

There are times when it would appear that a story is being pushed just because it can be, not necessarily because it will make money or because people want it, but because someone in the front office wants to see how it will do and thinks that it still has legs. Rambo has been an idea that has been enduring for a long time now, but at the same time, it’s kind of run its course with Last Blood since the war-weary soldier has taken out enough individuals in his time to populate a moderate-sized town. Rambo has had to learn how to live with the fact that he’s been bred to be a killer and was aimed at whichever enemy he needed to eliminate like a weapon being guided along its course. Throughout the last few movies, the legend of Rambo became a bit of a joke though since after First Blood he should have been allowed time to rest, but as one should have expected he was thrust back into the fire. Now, with a TV show looming, it’s kind of confusing to think of why people can’t just let this character rest.  Here are five reasons why Rambo shouldn’t be developed as a TV show. 

5. If it’s diving into the past it won’t be Stallone in the role. 

That’s about the only place the story can go is back to the past to show how Rambo was turned into the deadly weapon he would one day become. But without seeing Stallone in the role, since the guy is in his 70s now, it doesn’t feel like it would have the same impact. It’s kind of the same idea as putting Jason Momoa in for the role of Conan the Barbarian, since as much as people like Momoa, Conan is kind of a sacred role that needs to be earned, and while he might not have done that bad, it felt like it was too soon. It might be the same way for any actor that decides to take on the role of Rambo. 

4. The character needs a serious rest. 

To be fair, it’s not as though Rambo has been thrust down our throats continuously for years, but after each movie, it’s been nice to see a lull occur since the time jump from Rambo 3 to Rambo 4 was nice since it showed that the character had gone off to find a bit of peace of mind. He might not have been in the best place possible, but he’d found a spot that he could use to quiet the warlike state of mind that came to him so easily. But in the last two movies, it really feels as though Rambo is the type of character that just needs to finally be given a long, long rest before any talk of bringing him back is initiated. 

3. There’s more desire for the character without knowing his entire backstory. 

With some characters, it’s necessary to know more of their backstory in order to really get into what they can do and who they are. With others, however, it’s not that necessary since we saw what Rambo could do and what he’s capable of in the first movie. While it’s fair to say that the movies that came after were entertaining in their own way, it’s still easy to state that they weren’t needed since we got the point, Rambo is a dangerous man and shouldn’t be messed with. Colonel Trautman even made it loud and clear to Sheriff Teasle that Rambo was more than he could handle. Of course, Teasle didn’t really listen. 

2. Rambo is better in the movies. 

Granted, the only basis we have to go off of is the old cartoon from back in the 80s, but when one thinks about an episodic show featuring Rambo it easily brings to mind the reason why Rambo was so great, and it’s because we only got to see him every so often in the movies. This made this character a little easier to take since his issues and violence were only displayed for a short time every so often, and the audience didn’t have to deal with his ongoing issues. Maybe that’s part of the point of making a TV show, however, to show the real effect of his PTSD. If that’s the case it’s still not needed. 

1. This story has been told. 

It’s true, even if there are stories within the movies that people would like to see fleshed out. This story has been told and it’s time to let it sit for a while and settle until someone with the ambition to pick it up again comes along. With all the stories waiting to be developed from one person to the next, it’s a bit frustrating to see some folks going back to the well so often.  Hopefully, it won’t end up happening, but there should have been a few serious second thoughts about this. 


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