Why Potomac Is The Best Real Housewives Series

Why Potomac Is The Best Real Housewives Series

Why Potomac Is The Best Real Housewives Series

This may be a little hard to believe, but it’s officially been 15 years since the Real Housewives franchise debuted. In the time since, there have been nearly a dozen Real Housewives shows in the United States and even more in other parts of the world. Even though The Real Housewives of Potomac is one of the newer additions, it’s come a long way in its six seasons on the air. The cast of this show has understood the assignment since day one, and they have turned the series into a fan favorite over the last couple of years. Although the Real Housewives franchise has brought us some great shows, Potomoc might just have them all beat right now. Here’s why The Real Housewives of Potomac is the best show in the franchise.

The Reads Are Top Notch

Almost all of the Real Housewives cast members are known for reading each other for filth. The Real Housewives of Atlanta used to be the series that had this area on lock, but Potomac has been creeping into first place. For those who don’t know what a read it’s essentially what happens when someone calls another person out. Reading usually involves making fun of the other person by calling attention to their flaws. In every argument, you can always count on one of the ladies to tell let the rest of the group know exactly how she feels them. By the time she’s done, you’ll be torn between laughing hysterically and feeling bad for whoever was on the receiving end. Needless to say, if you’ve watched the show long enough, you’ve probably picked up some great one-liners. At the same time, however, some of the reads can be a little below the belt.

The Cast Has Great Chemistry…Even If It’s Toxic

The cast of The Real Housewives of Potomac has gone through some changes since season one, but the majority of the women on the show have been there since the early days. While it’s true that they may not always get along, they have a sense of chemistry that is absent from some of the other Real Housewives shows. They all play off of each other very well and they seem to know exactly when to play nice.

The Husbands Are Equally As Entertaining

The women may be the stars of the show, but their husbands can be equally as entertaining. In fact, several of the women’s storylines over the years have revolved around their relationships. For example, Michael Darby and his ongoing antics have played a major role in the last few seasons. Whether he’s being accused of harassment, getting caught with another woman, or getting into an argument with one of the other husbands, Michael always manages to put on a show. Candiace’s husband, Chris, has also played a pretty significant role in the show over the years. The dynamics of their relationship, as well as their relationship with Candiace’s mother, have provided lots of entertaining moments.

The Editing Is Great

Reality TV is known for its drastic editing. Over the years, several reality stars have expressed that editing can make or break how a person is perceived by the audience.  Although editing is obviously a major factor in what we see in The Real Housewives of Potomac, it’s always more humorous than it is misleading. Whoever is editing the show clearly has a great sense of humor and they also deserve a raise. From inserting facial expressions (especially Karen’s) at the funniest moments and adding effects to playing old clips for evidence, the editing on the show is always on point.

The Cast Is Relatable

Each show under the Real Housewives umbrella has its own distinct vibe. However, if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s that after a while the cast members all start to get a little too wrapped up in themselves. Since Potomac is still on the newer side, it doesn’t look like that’s happened yet. While the women on the show are definitely more well known now than they were a few years ago, they don’t seem to be too caught up in the fame. On top of that, the cast members on Potomac aren’t anywhere near as obsessed with money and status as some of the other series. This allows them to have a more down-to-earth appeal. A lot of the problems they’ve gone through are things that viewers will be able to connect with. Robyn, for instance, has been very open about the fact that she and Juan have struggled financially.Karen’s

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