Why Did Marilyn Look Normal on “The Munsters?”

Why Did Marilyn Look Normal on “The Munsters?”

Why Did Marilyn Look Normal on “The Munsters?”

Plot holes are something that people tend to either let go of and not think about that often or continually worry about and try to sort out since they do tend to detract from the movie a bit sometimes and can become the kind of glaring issues that never get fixed. But the fact that Marilyn from The Munsters didn’t appear monstrous in any way could have been explained in a number of ways, but it never was. That’s kind of odd to think of really since the character was taken on by a few different women and there was never much word other than the idea that she was the daughter of Lily’s sister, which still should have afforded her a rather ghastly look that would have allowed her to fit in. But for those that are willing to think a little further and come up with acceptable solutions, there’s always the idea that Marilyn’s father was a regular human that fell in love with a monster and had a child, or that Marilyn is just the strange anomaly that came about and could have been monstrous in some way even though she possessed what passed as a normal appearance. It’s a little frustrating that there were few if any reasons given for Marilyn’s appearance, but a lot of people ended up accepting it all the same since the oddball out kind of rounded out the family.

It would be kind of easy to say that The Munsters was ahead of its time by having Marilyn as a part of the family since these days what’s considered monstrous isn’t confined to the physical aspects that we tend to notice first and foremost. But it wouldn’t be honest if such a thing were said since back in the day when the show was popular it does feel as though few if any people were really thinking about such a thing. Considering that there’s an idea for Rob Zombieto make a new version of The Munsters it does feel as though the ‘normal’ woman in the family might be one of the biggest monsters of all since as we’ve seen throughout the years, the pretty faces can hide some of the worst offenders of all when it comes to murder and mayhem. That might actually be something that would make the Rob Zombie version stand out in a big way if the part of Marilyn was played in a manner that made her just as monstrous as anyone else, without making her look like a monster in any way. It might not be an idea that will happen, but it’s one that a lot of fans might be kind of interested in.

What’s really funny about this is that most people didn’t appear to have an issue with what she looked like since they kept watching the show and never expected her to go away at any point or be replaced in any way. If anything, Marilyn was accepted as part of the family from the start since she was treated just the same as anyone else really. Any oddball character in a show that manages to reach the audience on some level is usually kind of odd to think about when one slows down and really starts to give the matter more than a passing thought, but usually when that happens it becomes too easy to find every glaring plot hole in a project, which is kind of a buzzkill really and not something that a lot of people want to get into. Plot holes are pretty obvious sometimes, but they’re not what a lot of people want to worry about when watching a TV show or a movie since while watching a lot of folks will simply keep going and not point them out. Some might not even worry about them since the story can keep going without having to worry about the massive plot holes, at least until the matter is addressed if it ever is. Throughout the history of The Munsters, it’s fair to say that the matter of Marilyn’s parents wasn’t brought up that often, as there was usually some way to make it less of an issue than it should have been. Let’s face it, when someone is sent to live with their relatives and isn’t being helped out by their parents there’s usually a reason. But with Marilyn, it was kind of assumed that she was just a part of the family and had been for a while.

Those that might still wonder about it are likely the ones that are wondering what’s going to happen when Rob Zombie takes on his own project, but there are a lot of people that just don’t care as much since it’s not worth digging into. Rob Zombie

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