Which “Total Drama Island” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Having first premiered in 2007, Total Drama Island is an integral part of many of our childhoods; spanning over 7 years and multiple different iterations. The show remains one of the most popular animated archived programs on Netflix, 8 years after its final season; which is no small feat. So who represents your sign? Grab your marshmallows and let’s find out!

Aries – Duncan

Forever outspoken and aggressive at times, Duncan represents you in all your imperfections and strengths, Aries. He’s inherently a protector, much like you, who never shies away from a fight. And while his impulsivity and immaturity can often get in the way of his own success, he has undeniable drive and passion (classic Aries). Stop worrying about what others think, Aries, even when you won’t admit that it bothers you.

Taurus – Owen

Who else could be Taurus but the sweetheart Owen? What you might lack in traditional intelligence and quick wit, you make up for in loyalty and stability. You often balance the parties around you, and you have the innate ability to unite people who may not see eye-to-eye. You are stubborn in nature, but that can be overrode when the situation requires you to reassess your emotional priorities.

Gemini – Geoff

Like Geoff, you care about the image you project to others, Gemini. Whether you express that through clothing, hair, attitude, or personality, you’re a master of shapeshifting your true nature around the situation you’re in. While some might see this as manipulative (and that’s what it can become if left unchecked), you’re often just protecting your own image and skin. Don’t be afraid to tap into authenticity, Gemini.

Cancer – DJ

You are much more complex than others might give you credit for, Cancer. As a water sign, you tend to have a lot going on under the surface, whether that be emotionally or mentally. Like DJ, you’re committed to the people you love, often putting others before yourself (but that can change if you feel immediately threatened). And while you’re not the greatest at feeling communication, your love for others and natural empathy often outshine that.

Leo – Heather

Heather is a classic Leo. Brave, self-assured, and guarded, Heather represents your tendency towards immaturity and impulsivity. You don’t always think before you act, and you love a good spotlight. When you truly find yourself, and allow others to see the real you (as opposed to the image you project), your relationships can become incredibly deep, contradicting your fire sign nature.

Virgo – Courtney

Virgo, you’re the ‘mom friend’. Like Courtney, you’ve got back up plans for every situation, and you’re often the most prepared person you know. You’re loyal and steadfast, like most earth signs, and you can keep up with fast-paced environments. You have a tendency towards jealousy and pettiness, but don’t let that get in the way of your natural charm. People are drawn to you, Virgo, so don’t push them away.

Libra – LeShawna

As the classic balancing act of the zodiac, Libra, LeShawna represents the delicate homeostasis you’ve achieved in your personality. You can be fiery and outspoken, but you also know when to be quiet and listen. You don’t have time for drama, and you’re prone to craving freedom and space. Like Taurus, you’ve got the ability to bring masses together, and unify friends and foes alike. Stay bossy, Libra, we’d be lost without you!

Scorpio – Alejandro

You’re an interesting breed, Scorpio. Like Alejandro, you can resort to immaturity and emotional manipulation, but that’s often not the case. You’re inherently creative, and you’re not afraid of your own power. While some might be intimidated, it’s only because they don’t know you that well, Scorpio. Deep down, you’re still a water sign with far-reaching empathy (as opposed to the antagonist some might think you are).

Sagittarius – Bridgette

Bridgette is a perfect example of Sag. Like you, she’s naturally charming and often funny; the ultimate conversationalist. As a fire sign, she’s got a tendency towards frivolous mindsets and immature clapbacks; but she’s also super quick-witted. You can be flighty, especially when you think you’re in danger, but when you let yourself go and don’t focus on the attention of others; you can be surprisingly empathetic.

Capricorn – Noah

Noah represents your grounded and logical nature, Capricorn. Things are often black and white to you, and you might lack the nuance to determine when rules are worth breaking. You believe in logic, and your head will always guide your decisions, usually keeping you safe from heartbreak or social blowback. While it’s a smart way to live, it can get lonely, especially without someone to bounce your supportive earth energy off of.

Aquarius – Gwen

Aquarius, Gwen is your icon. She’s a total baddie, who’s committed to living her authentic truth, no matter the social or societal implications. People are drawn to your natural charisma and charm, something that comes with your unapologetic and (sometimes) brutal honesty. You’re not really connected with your emotions, and this can negatively impact close relationships; but you often prefer many casual relationships to a few strong ones.

Pisces – Trent

This one is obvious, Pisces. You’re a lover, not a fighter. You’d always prefer the former over the latter, and your high level of empathy supports this. You’re the wisest of the zodiac signs, and are able to value intellect on the same level as emotionality. You see the importance of both, recognizing that our world can only function with equal parts of these things. Keep giving everything, Pisces, and you’ll never be led astray.

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