Whatever Happened to Mackenzie Foy?

Whatever Happened to Mackenzie Foy?

Whatever Happened to Mackenzie Foy?

Mackenzie Foy still has a lot of potential as an actress and is bound to keep showing up for a while, or so one would hope since she’s been getting steadily better since her introduction in the last two Twilight movies as Renesmee. Her introduction as Bella’s daughter and the individual that Jacob, aka Taylor Lautner, imprinted on was kind of awkward since not only did this mean that an adult character was suddenly connected to a child, but it would only be more and more awkward as the years passed. Thankfully this was her first outing on the big screen and things went in a positive direction from there, as her time in Interstellar as the young version of Murph became one of the more prominent ways that people would start to remember her. Apart from that, she’s been in a number of different projects, such as The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, and a new version of Black Beauty, but as of now she’s still someone that’s growing in the business and learning the ropes when it comes to keeping the reputation that she currently has and how to keep building it up. Out of the many things that can be said about the 20-year old actress is that she’s not being handed an overnight success story, she’s being made to earn it as many people have over the years.

How far she goes is going to be up to her since like a lot of people should realize by now is that actors that start when they’re younger can tend to get burned out occasionally as the pressure of the business becomes too much, the fame is more than they want, or some other reason comes along that they can’t or don’t want to deal with. Foy is one of those individuals whose family has no ties to the industry whatsoever and has had to really turn on the charm over the years in order to make things happen. She was put into modeling at the age of 3 and her acting career started at age 9, so one can imagine that she knows a bit about pressure and about needing to perform in order to get people to remember her. There are a lot of kids out there that want to act and a lot of parents that are willing to be as ruthless as they can be when trying to get their kids in front of the camera. It’s a bit sad to think of the lengths that some folks will go to in order to see their kids become successful, but to date, it sounds as though Foy has at least been able to enjoy her time in front of the screen.

There are plenty of risks that are taken when it comes to putting kids in front of the camera, and among those is the fear that they’ll miss out on a chance to grow up like any other kid, meaning that they’ll get to experience school, time with friends, vacations, and various other experiences and firsts that stand as milestones in the development of young folks. It’s been made clear that these things are still possible to have since plenty of child actors have been able to lead a fulfilling and successful existence while becoming famous, despite the number of kids that have fallen to pieces over the years over one issue or another that was either way out of their control or could have been curtailed before it grew to be a serious matter. So far it sounds as though Mackenzie is doing just fine since there hasn’t been a lot of talk concerning any controversy that’s been going on in her life, as the drama hounds of Hollywood would have been unleashed already in order to shovel as much dirt as possible on this young woman and find out anything and everything that she didn’t want them to know. Oh yes, that is a part of how it works, but that’s not everything since from the columnists to the paparazzi and everything in-between and beyond, people are waiting and willing to cash in on anything that’s even a bit controversial when it comes to pretty much anyone.

It’s a business that makes people a lot of money, but it’s not always the nicest business, which makes it uplifting to realize that some stars aren’t so much immune to the garbage that piles high in Hollywood but manage to steer clear of it all the same. Mackenzie’s career has been hitting high notes for a while now, even if the Twilight movies don’t count as one of them. It did earn her and her costars a Razzie, which is nothing to be too proud of, but is still worth mentioning because it is kind of amusing.

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