Whatever Happened to Grant Cramer?

Whatever Happened to Grant Cramer?

It’s easy to wonder what happened to actors that have made it a habit of starring in various cult comedies and other movies that don’t get a lot of attention other than to ridicule or wonder why their movies are still popular. Grant Cramer was one of the many that helped to make the movie, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, the memorable mess that it came to be, and has been a mainstay in the industry for quite a while now actually, having become a producer after a while. That would indicate that he did well enough that whether he’s been a fixture in B movies or not, he’s someone that’s worth talking about since he made the right moves in his career. There are actually quite a few people that have been sticking around Hollywood for a while that have made something of their careers even if people don’t tend to notice that often. Given how many names there are in the entertainment industry, big and small, it’s not hard to think that a lot of people are going to get lost in the mix since trying to remember everyone’s name is nearly impossible. But taking the time to realize that the big names aren’t the only ones that deserve attention is important at times since learning a little more about those that serve as the support of the and offer up a little more variety for those that want to go looking is sometimes an interesting venture.

You probably don’t hear much about Cramer largely because he is in the background at this point and has been for a number of years. It could have been that he figured he wasn’t doing much as an actor, or perhaps he wanted to try a different tactic when it came to staying busy. Who knows? What is known is that he’s been doing quite well in his career to date and has continued to be a part of the business, which is what a lot of people choose to do even if they’re no longer in front of the camera. Using his net worth to gauge his popularity probably wouldn’t be a great idea since it’s lower than many, but he’s still someone to be given some respect to since he’s still doing his thing and he’s still a part of the entertainment industry, so discounting him entirely wouldn’t be smart since he’s still doing what he can to stay relevant in the business and has succeeded at this point.

Maybe if there’s another Killer Klowns movie he’ll be able to make a comeback of sorts as one of the original characters, not to mention the fact that he was a survivor when the psychotic alien clowns made their first bid for domination on the planet. He could at least be given a cameo if nothing else since it would feel right. There are a lot of actors from decades past that might be able to make a small comeback even if they were only given a cameo in the movies they helped to launch, especially those that became cult classics. It does feel fitting that such a thing would be done since some actors from those days are still around like Cramer, and some have opted to simply fade into the background or fade away entirely to pursue other job opportunities that life might have offered them. Cramer is one of the many that has stuck around for a while now in an attempt to do something positive with his career, and for all intents and purposes, it does feel that he’s been able to do something with the experiences he’s gained over the years. It doesn’t feel as though he’s been clinging on since becoming a producer is fairly common for many actors, but it also speaks to the idea that they’re not always vain enough to think that they’re big names in the industry, but simply want to be involved in some way. That’s easy to understand if a person truly loves what they do, especially when it comes to something that they enjoy but have gained little recognition. Be honest, how many people know that much about Grant Cramer? It’s enough to state that he made it into movies, and it’s impressive that as a producer and a president of a production company that he’s been a part of at least a couple of movies that have gained notoriety.

Being able to say that they made it is a big feather in anyone’s cap when it comes to show business, but if there is a Killer Klown sequel on the way it’s a hope that Grant might be asked to make his way back to the set in order to weigh in on the experience and share in the new one.another Killer Klowns movie

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