Whatever Happened to Danny Pintauro?

There are plenty of former child actors that you can take a look at and realize that even if you don’t see them much they’re still doing pretty well. Danny Pintauro is somewhere in the middle between doing well and flat broke on his butt even though he’s not doing horrible. At this time he’s working as a vet tech at Austin Pets Alive, so it’s fair to say that he’s not a big Hollywood star any longer and hasn’t been for a while. His work in show business has been rather sporadic for some time and really his biggest roles are still those that he had as a child since his time spent on the movie Cujo and Who’s the Boss? were his biggest accomplishments. In fact in the movie Cujo it’s safe to say that he was one of the main components to the movie since for a good part of the movie he and his on screen mother, Donna, were trapped in their car by the monstrous and very rabid St. Bernard. There were actually scenes in which the acting was more real than anything since young Danny bit Dee Wallace’s fingers when he was supposed to be having a seizure, and her reaction was very real.

One might not be able to say that Danny has had the best career out of anyone but at least he made it for a while and was someone that could be looked at as a success while he was younger. But like many child stars he grew up, became less cute and went on to do very little with his career afterwards. In fact after he started growing up a bit his career started heading downward as the roles started to dry up a bit and his name started to slip from the mouths and minds of those in the business. This is fairly common unfortunately since if an actor doesn’t keep up their reputation or can’t find a way to adapt then they’re going to be forgotten fairly soon and new talent will be coming along behind them to take over in a big way. Danny was great when he was young but as he grew up it almost feels that he pulled away from it since his success didn’t keep rising as some might have thought it would. It was in the early 90s that Danny took time off for school and after that things just didn’t snap back as some might have expected they would. It doesn’t take much time for a reputation and a career to die down as staying away for too long without having done anything truly worthy of note, apart from a couple of roles that were enjoyed but not as celebrated, wasn’t quite enough to keep him in mind.

Danny did continue his education until he graduated in 1998 and then moved on to other projects that didn’t really keep him afloat but did manage to keep him paid well enough. At one point he was working as a Tupperware salesman and eventually he even became a restaurant manager. One sad point in his life is that back in 2015 he did announce that he was HIV positive thanks to not being quite as safe as he should have been during a sexual encounter as Justin Wm. Moyer from The Washington Post reveals. At that same time he also admitted to having been addicted to methamphetamine, making it kind of a double-whammy for any of those that still cared enough to read about him and wonder how he was doing. At this time it would appear that he’s doing okay and is living his life the way he wants, as he came out as gay a while back and ended up marrying his partner, who he’s still with to this day. So really, Danny does sound as though he’s doing okay, but his career is something that might be best left in the past since it’s not exactly as alive as it used to be. When he was a kid things were happening, he was being given jobs that were actually a little beyond him since according to what’s been learned about his role in Cujo he couldn’t read the entire script and had to have his mom help him. Some might indicate that this would mean that he was simply too young to be a part of it, but his acting was enough to squash any such rumors since as Tad he was very convincing. Luckily for his character the movie changed up the ending since in the book, written by Stephen King, Tad ended up dying at the end of the story, whereas he got to live in the movie.

While his career might not be doing all that well Danny would appear to be doing just fine as he’s living his life and occasionally showing up now and again when he manages to get a gig.

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