Whatever Happened to Clare Carey?

Whatever Happened to Clare Carey?

Whatever Happened to Clare Carey?

Has anyone ever really looked at the list of celebrities out there and realized that there are a lot more than people realize? There are seriously hundreds of celebrities that range from the most obscure to the most well-known in the world and if the truth is told there’s a very wide range from being a newbie and unknown to being able to command a salary that might feed an entire city for a month. Clare Carey fits somewhere in the midst of all those that have come to Hollywood or have otherwise been pitching their tent or hitching their wagon or whatever analogy one wants to use. In short, she’s been there, done that, is still there apparently, but is not quite as popular as some even though she’s slightly better known than others. It can’t be said that she’s not famous or not recognizable since she has appeared on a long list of TV shows and has even taken part in a good number of movies, but saying that she’s been a commanding lead in anything recent or has in any way demanded attention just by her appearance on screen might be stretching it a bit. Clare has managed to find her way into some decent roles in her career and has made a pretty impressive fortune along the way.

If you’re still trying to figure out where you’ve seen her before, don’t worry since she does have a face that’s easy to recognize but not from where, you might be old enough to have watched Coach when the show was still on the air and still quite popular. Alongside Craig T. Nelson and a few other notable celebrities she did manage to shine quite often and this show did help her career in a big way. But like all things it had to end so eventually she had to move on, but looking at her filmography it’s quite obvious that she didn’t just sit down and wonder what she was going to do next, she got back out there and kept taking on one role after another as she guest-starred on several shows and went on to star in several movies. That’s definitely one of the things that separates the serious, career actors from those that are just in it for the money and the fame. From what some actors reveal about the job, and it is a job no matter what anyone says, there’s still plenty that goes into perfecting the craft and making sure that one is giving the best possible performance to the audience, who tend to hold their reputation in uncertain and very discerning hands. One thing that any actor might be wise to realize, especially now, is that their jobs aren’t deemed as essential, but people are going to want to see them all the same, which means that instead of simply seeking attention in any possible way it might be wiser to just get in, do the job, and entertain people as much as possible. Actors that love what they do are bound to know how to entertain their audience while realizing that like it or not, they’re at the mercy of opinion when it come to their popularity. That might make things sound a bit dire, but when performing in front of people one bit of common knowledge is that if you’re willing to go down this route then it’s necessary to take the good with the bad and focus on moving forward, improving, and doing the absolute best one can do without allowing any negative feedback to break you down.

If Clare has received any negative feedback in her career, and it’s likely she has since it’s common for many actors to be ignored, looked down upon, or heavily criticized for anything they do or say on or off screen, it hasn’t affected her to the point that she’s decided to quit. Obviously she’s made of sterner stuff and despite any need to take a step back from time to time she’s pushed forward and is still doing what she enjoys as she’s currently still involved in show business. So many people have been divided on whether or not to even listen to actors these days that it’s a wonder that more of those in the business haven’t retired or gone on hiatus. But it’s also a testament to many actors who have weathered ‘slings and arrows’ of the audience only to keep coming back and doing what they feel their purpose is in the world. Clare is just one among many but it’s still evident that she’s one that finds some joy in what she does and has embraced the life of an actress in a way that will allow her to keep moving onward as she continues to entertain the masses.

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