The Curious Case of Alex Pettyfer: What’s Holding Him Back?

The Curious Case of Alex Pettyfer: What’s Holding Him Back?

Alex Pettyfer Endless Love

A Promising Start That Fizzled Out

Once upon a time, Alex Pettyfer was being groomed to be the next big thing in Hollywood, but somewhere along the line, his movies failed to perform, and while he’s not exactly been deemed a nobody, he hasn’t gone on to become a huge celebrity either when compared to many others. He’s not alone, as there have been a few individuals that have tried to come out strong and ended up being seen as mediocre or somehow cursed to star in movies that didn’t get that much attention. It does tend to prove that the kind of good looks and build he has only go so far unless one has the kind of acting talent that’s going to wow people and make them believe that a person can do better than what they’ve been given. His one claim to fame at one point was I Am Number Four, which could have been a fun story had it been written a little differently and given a little more development. A sequel would be nice as well since the story wasn’t over with, but seeing how it didn’t really gain a huge following it’s not hard to see how it didn’t take off.

Still Working, But Not Quite Thriving

The upside is that Pettyfer is still working as he has several projects underway at this time and has enough credits to his name to be somewhat impressive if not so over the top that people are rushing to sign him up for one role after another. He’s been in a few movies that people might remember and has still been groomed as an action star as things have gone along in a manner that keeps him busy if not in demand. There might be a few reasons why he’s not such a hot commodity in the business though since it does sound as though Alex might be kind of a hard person to get along with at times, at least for some folks. But there’s another reason that’s kind of interesting as well.

Education and Arrogance: A Dangerous Mix

Let’s be honest and say that higher education isn’t for everyone, but there are times when it can really help since it can even a person’s personality out or at least show them that the world they’re headed for full-steam ahead isn’t the only world that’s out there. To explain, Alex started working in show business when he was young and eventually went back to school, keeping his private life and business life personal. But it would appear that after working outside of school he might have thought he had it all figured out since he ended up dropping out to focus on his film career. That’s been able to work for a number of people and Alex has made it work as well, but the mild arrogance of stating that going back to school after working in the real world is like going back to a playground kind of diminishes the experience for a lot of other people that manage to get something out of their education. That kind of sentiment, if taken in context, is fairly irresponsible, not to mention demeaning to others that have juggled working in the ‘real world’ as Alex calls it and still going to school, or the playground as he appears to think of it. Perhaps a little more balance between his personal and professional lives would have helped him in the long run.

Controlling Nature and Career Stagnation

Granted, he’s still working and he’s still making good enough money to support himself and his family, but looking back at some of the relationships that have been exposed in his past it would kind of appear that Alex is a bit of a controlling individual. Whether he’s like that on any given set or not is hard to say, but there is something that has been holding him back, and it would appear that it’s something he could possibly control if he really made the attempt. Perhaps one of these days we’ll see Alex’s name in big lights again and he’ll be one of the top earners in the business, but it feels like a long shot at this point. It could happen since he’s still keeping up with his career, but at the same time, it feels that he’s not quite where he needs to be in order to take the lead in a major production.

Will Alex Pettyfer Make a Comeback?

It’s very likely that fans of Alex’s might say that he’s fully ready to take on a big movie again and to tell the truth, it would be interesting to see another movie to go with I Am Number Four, but until that happens it’s bound to happen that he’ll be stuck where he is for a while. It’s not the worst place to be since he is working after all, which is the point of the business.

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