What the Leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay Tells Us About the Game

What the Leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay Tells Us About the Game

Grand Theft Auto VI is now one of the most anticipated titles. Since Grand Theft Auto V was launched about a decade ago, the latest installment in the GTA franchise has been a long-awaited release. An unprecedented GTA 6 leak in mid-September revealed videos and photographs from an early, in-development version of the title. The hack has been identified and validated by Rockstar, and the compromised content is being removed from the internet. The revelation sparked a massive response, igniting a discourse about leaks in the video game industry and how they disrupt various stages of game development. While the saga of GTA 6 leaks continues, here’s what you have to know thus far.

What the Leaks Tell Us

What the Leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay Tells Us About the Game

Credit: Rockstar games

Several snippets with incomplete assets showed off various aspects of the game in production, such as areas of the landscape, combat system, and NPC behavior. The images also appear to validate other GTA 6 rumors already circulating online, such as the presence of male and female characters.

Two days after the GTA 6 leak first surfaced, the GTA Forums worked around the clock to delete all evidence of the illegally obtained photographs and videos. Unfortunately, the dedicated GTA 6 Reddit has also acquired all of the leak’s URLs, photographs, and clips and has agreed to be online with the condition that conversations are permitted without attaching the leaks.

– Gameplay

We can’t say how this new release will play because Rockstar has yet to publish a GTA 6 trailer. However, the leaked development image shows that Rockstar is at least researching and testing various new elements.

A new set of shady mechanics appears to have been introduced, as footage shows players moving while prone and even dragging people. Furthermore, the weapon wheel will return in some form, and leaked footage suggests that Rockstar will introduce new health buff consumables such as painkillers.

– Characters

For months, it was rumored that Rockstar was developing the first female protagonist for GTA 6. Bloomberg reported on the issue earlier this year in a story on Rockstar North’s evolving company culture.

The development film shows two new playable GTA 6 characters. The characters’ in-development surnames are Jason and Lucia, and the character-shifting element from GTA 5 appears to be returning in some form.

One released video showed the pair looting a cafe together, with the player controlling one and AI controlling the other. Another video shows the character shifting.

– Location

We now better understand the city and location thanks to Rockstar’s confirmation that the leaked GTA 6 gameplay footage is actual. As a result, it appears that we will be returning to Vice City.

One screen depicts an underground train network labeled “Vice City Metro.” Vice City, as you may know, is partially based on the city of Miami. If the screenshots are accurate, GTA 6 will include a variety of environments.

Naturally, the city has changed from the original Vice City game. Many signs point to Grand Theft Auto 6 being set in modern-day Miami, as evidenced by NPCs carrying cellphones and dressed in current attire.

What Rockstar Says about GTA 6

What the Leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay Tells Us About the Game

Credit: Rockstar games

According to a well-known Rockstar Games informant, there is a significant likelihood that the company will reveal details about the impending GTA Online upgrade. Along with the update, there’s a chance it contains information about GTA 6. Meanwhile, no release date for Grand Theft Auto VI has been confirmed by Rockstar. However, this hasn’t stopped online speculation, some of which comes from credible sources. For example, Tom Henderson suggested in a YouTube video that Grand Theft Auto 6 might be released in 2024 or 2025. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier validated this. Take these details with caution, as nothing from Rockstar has been officially verified or revealed.

Key Takeaway

The catch here is that the leaked GTA 6 clips seem good, considering the early development of the game. Other creators are also broadening how early a game can be shown while emphasizing that what they offer is still in its early phases.

For the time being, determining the overall ramifications of the leak on the production of Grand Theft Auto 6 is hard. However, while the entire scope of the implications may not be known for a long time, this will be remembered as one of the most significant leaks in the history of video games.

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