What Movies Get Wrong about Airports

What Movies Get Wrong about Airports

Airports are not typically a place where people want to just hang out and spend their time, since the fact is that an airport is a transition point, somewhere that people take one flight to another location and spend an hour or more just waiting to get on their flight if they’re unlucky. But in the movies, there are a lot of mistakes that are made for the sake of the plot and are typically shown in a manner that makes it feel as though this could actually happen, which is kind of hard to buy into if you’ve ever been in an airport. A lot of times they’re not entirely comfortable, quiet, or even that easy to navigate. There are those that are actually kind of nice, but then there are airports that are small cities unto themselves since they’re major hubs that deal with a heavy amount of traffic coming in and going out. Lately, that kind of traffic has been way down, but in normal times the reality of an airport is that the average person will want to get in and get out as soon as they can.

Here are a few mistakes that movies make about airports.

5. Airports are magical places. After a two-hour or longer flight, no.

Seriously, after being cramped in a plane with a bunch of other people for an hour or more the airport is going to feel liberating since there’s more space involved, but a lot of people are going to want to find a place to stay and somewhere to relax, and an airport isn’t always going to be that place. The only time that it might be deemed wise to hit the bar or find a bite to eat comes when a person has to catch another connecting flight and has more than a few minutes to spare. Layovers are kind of a pain since instead of getting from one place to another quickly one has to find a spot and just wait.

4. Empty airports are common. Only now are they that common.

The emptiest one might ever see an airport before the pandemic was during the wee hours of the morning or if an airport didn’t get a lot of traffic coming through it. As of now though a lot of airports are very empty, but up until the pandemic hit things were usually pretty busy, meaning that wait times in lines were bound to be a while, and simply navigating through the airport wasn’t going to be that simple since there were bound to be plenty of people. For the most part though, a lot of people aren’t going to just stand in the way or move slow enough to impede a huge number of fellow travelers.

3. Kids can accidentally hop on a flight. Yeah, no, not now or ever.

This isn’t going to happen since each plane only has a certain number of seats, and the person gathering the tickets is going to check that everyone has their boarding pass no matter what. Plus, kids aren’t going to just hop on a flight without someone with them, since this isn’t allowed at this point. Even back in the day, it wasn’t allowed unless arrangements had been made, which meant that a couple of movies would have been nearly impossible to film back then. But if not for this mistake it wouldn’t have been possible to make those movies, so it was pushed forward like so much other stuff.

2. Sneaking onto a baggage cart is easy. It’s not advised, that’s for certain.

There are plenty of eyes on the baggage carts to start with, and it’s easy to think that a human being doesn’t want to receive the same treatment that the luggage does, especially since there are those that aren’t too gentle with the bags. Plus, the charges for being caught on the tarmac, which a person would without fail, would likely be kind of stiff. There are a lot of things that a person shouldn’t do when it comes to the airport, but this should be one that kind of goes without saying as it’s beyond unwise and is bound to get someone hurt.

1. You can live in a terminal undetected. You’d better be a master of hide and seek.

As I said, there are airports that are like cities they’re so big, and there are plenty of nooks and crannies to get lost in. But staying in an airport for any length of time is bound to be frowned upon, and actually living there isn’t something that’s going to go unnoticed. There’s also the reality that living in an airport would be insanely expensive since the food, the goods, and pretty much everything is way overpriced. Unless one wants a steady diet of fast food and vending machine food the cost would only go up.

Airports are impressive until one gets used to them.

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