WCW Bash at the Beach Main Events Ranked

WCW Bash At The Beach 1997 Hollywood Hogan Dennis Rodman

From 1994-2000 the Bash at the Beach PPV was WCW’s summer event, which saw some of the biggest moments in professional wrestling take place, as well as some not-so-great moments. Here is every WCW Bash at the Beach main event match ranked from worst to best.

7. Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman vs Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone – Bash At The Beach 1998

WCW Bash at the Beach 1998 DDP Karl Malone

There have been very few instances of mainstream celebrities stepping inside the squared circle to compete that hasn’t absolutely sucked, one of them being Jerry Lawler vs Andy Kauffman. But, the wrestling industry keeps trying to make it work. Sadly, at Bash at the Beach 1998, it just didn’t. Hollywood Hogan teamed up with NBA star Dennis Rodman to take on the team of Diamond Dallas Page and fellow NBA star Karl Malone. Despite all 4 men in the ring being accomplished professional athletes, only 2 of them were professional wrestlers and it showed. The match was very clunky and the men just didn’t gel well in the ring. We do have to commend Rodman and Malone for stepping into the ring, it can’t of been an easy thing for them to do, and they did give it everything they had with them both taking bumps and performing moves. With some more training, they likely could have made pretty good wrestlers. But, non-wrestlers should typically stay out of matches.

6. Kevin Nash (c) and Sting vs Macho Man Randy Savage and Sid Vicious (WCW World Heavyweight Championship) – Bash At The Beach 1999

WCW Bash at the Beach 1999 Kevin Nash Sting Randy Savage Lex Lugar

By 1999 WCW was on the downward trend, with WWE firmly beating them in the ratings and WCW desperately trying to keep afloat and bring back their audience. The main event of Bash at the Beach saw a tag team match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which doesn’t make much sense. Whichever wrestler scored the pinfall or submission would be crowned champion, which meant that teams would be working together as well as against each other, with them all trying to be the one to earn the win for their team. Because of this, the match just didn’t really work and was a disappointment considering the star power that was involved.

5. Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman vs Lex Luger and The Giant – Bash At The Beach 1997

WCW Bash At The Beach 1997 Hollywood Hogan Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman made his first appearance in a wrestling ring at Bash at the Beach in 1997, but as the only non-wrestler, which did improve the quality over his match the following year. Overall, it wasn’t a bad match but it also wasn’t anything special and unless you’re a big Dennis Rodman fan this one could be skipped.

4. Jeff Jarrett (c) vs Booker T (WCW World Heavyweight Championship) – Bash At The Beach 2000

WCW Bash At The Beach 2000 Booker T

The final WCW Bash at the Beach PPV saw Jeff Jarrett defend his WCW Championship against Booker T. By this point the company was on its final legs, but the two competitors still put on a really good match, especially Booker T showing that he was a diamond in the rough.

3. Hulk Hogan (c) vs Vader (Steel Cage Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship – Bash At The Beach 1995

WCW Bash At The Beach 1995 Hulk Hogan Vader

The two titans faced off inside a steel cage for the WCW Championship in 1995, with it being a dream match for some fans as the 2 had always been in other companies and never really crossed paths until Hogan jumped ship to WCW in 1994. Overall, it was a good match despite being on the slower side, but the match had a big match feel to it which helped with any pacing criticisms.

2. Kevin Hall, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man Randy Savage, Lex Lugar, and Sting – Bash At The Beach 1996

WCW Bash at the Beach 1996 Hulk Hogan Scott Hall Kevin Nash NWO

The conclusion of this match will forever go down as one of the most iconic moments in wrestling history. Hulk Hogan made an appearance at the end of the match as the mystery partner of the Outsiders, turning heel in the process. He then announced that they were the “New World Order” of wrestling, kickstarting one of the hottest storylines and factions of all time, the NWO, which would help WCW beat the WWF in the ratings for 83 weeks in a row.

1. Ric Flair (c) vs Hulk Hogan (WCW World Heavyweight Championship – Bash At The Beach 1994

WCW Bash at the Beach 1994 Ric Flair Hulk Hogan

When Hulk Hogan jumped ship to WCW in 1994 one match immediately sprung to mind, Ric Flair vs The Hulkster. In Hogan’s first match in the company he faced and defeated, the Nature Boy for the WCW Championship. This match was a dream match for many years as the star aligned and 2 titans from rival promotions finally came together.

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