Watch Jordan Peele Breaks Down “Get Out” Fan theories from Reddit

Watch Jordan Peele Breaks Down “Get Out” Fan theories from Reddit

Watch Jordan Peele Breaks Down “Get Out” Fan theories from Reddit

Listening to Jordan Peele break down the many fan theories on Reddit concerning his movie Get Out is kind of interesting. It shows that some folks are  very much on the ball when it comes to finding hidden Easter eggs and supposedly minor details that might make it past the majority of viewers, while others are capable of spinning almost insane theories from very little in an attempt to make what they think of as reasonable ideas into something that goes far wide of the actual point. Even Peele manages to look surprised as he wonders just what these people have been smoking on that brought them to such a crazy theory.

It’s interesting that some folks seem to think they know the movie better than the director, you know, the guy that made it. For instance the theory that Rod, the TSA agent, is basically making this story up as he goes, using it as a cautionary tale to tell Chris just what’s going to happen when he meets a white family. Rod is an important part of the story but it’s not his narrative that drives it. He is in fact the best friend but he’s not the focus, so idea that his worst-case scenario is being played out is false.

However other theories that focus on the actual events of the story are very true. Such as the moment in which the groundskeeper and the maid are seen to be welcoming their white guests as though they’re old friends, which would be odd for many reasons. It’s plausible enough on its own if you stretch the facts a bit but obviously after learning what the film is all about there’s a reason why this happens since the two elderly grandparents had their consciousness transferred into different bodies. So yes, this is very normal and does have a place in the film.

So do moments such as when the groundskeeper is running towards Chris and then runs past him. The grandfather of the family lost a race to Jesse Owens, and has been obsessed with beating his time for so long that it’s become something he does on regular occasions. Plus the reason behind the hats worn by the black men and the wig worn by the maid are important so as to cover up the scars from their surgeries. It’s also true that they focus on Chris’ smoking since they want a pure, clean vessel that will be healthy for their next intended transplant.

Also true is that the picking of the cotton, a racially-inspired moment that many picked up on, is in fact on purpose. Rose is also a person to watch when it comes to the thing she does and says as well, since if you listen and pay attention she tries to dissuade the officer that stops them from looking at Chris’ ID. This isn’t so much to protect Chris from being singled out for being a black man, but to avoid any kind of notice that he was actually there in the first place.

Peele did a lot of things in this film on purpose, and fans manage to catch on to a lot of them.

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