What Will Supergirl’s Role Be In The Flash Movie?

What Will Supergirl’s Role Be In The Flash Movie?

What Will Supergirl’s Role Be In The Flash Movie?

Well, I did not expect to hear this news. In a time where the DC Cinematic Universe is just starting to expand, I’ve been waiting for them to include some popular DC characters. I have a list of most wanted characters that I want to see, but you know who isn’t on that list? Superman’s older cousin, Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl. It’s not that I don’t like her as a character, far from it. She’s a good character, but there are many more DC characters I’d rather see before her. However, including her in the DCEU would set up for a good team-up movie with Henry Cavill’s Superman. Oh, please, please, please, let those rumors about him coming back be true. I loved him as Superman and he should keep playing Superman for many years.

Okay, so speaking of Supergirl, some interesting news broke out recently. It has been confirmed that Supergirl has been casted for the DCEU. Sasha Calle will be playing Kara Zor-El, the older cousin of Kal-El. Good news, right? Well, while her casting has been confirmed, she won’t be getting her own movie. Well, at least not yet, but more on that later.

Sasha Calle will be playing Supergirl in the upcoming Flash movie. Wait, but this is the Flash’s movie, right? What possible role could she have in his movie? I mean, why not introduce her in Man of Steel 2? No, seriously, we need that movie. It’s basically blasphemy that we haven’t gotten that movie yet, but let’s stay hopeful.

Now let’s talk about Supergirl’s role in the upcoming Flash movie. First of all, does she even belong in a Flash movie? I would normally say no, but this isn’t a regular Flash movie. This Flash movie will cover one of the most significant events in DC history. Comic book nuts will remember it as Flashpoint, a storyline that involves the craziness of time travel. If you’re a comic book nut like me, you know how it happened, and it was insane. We can expect to see a level of that insanity in the movie, but Andy Muschietti, the director, has confirmed that it won’t be the same Flashpoint story we read in the comics.

That’s fine by me, because Flashpoint is a story I feel like a director like Andy Muschietti can play with. He has confirmed that we’ll be getting cameos from former DC actors, the most notable one being Michael Keaton as Batman. Now that’s exciting and surprising, but I must say, this news about Supergirl really caught me off guard.

So if the Flash movie will be different from the Flashpoint comic, what role will Supergirl have in the movie? Heck, Supergirl had nothing to do with the Flashpoint event. However, her cousin, or at least a version of him, played an interesting part. Granted, it was a small part, but it was an unusual way to show us Superman. I must say, if you haven’t read the Flashpoint comic, I will diving into deep spoiler territory. If you don’t want to know anything, click away.

Okay, so Flashpoint was all about Barry going back in time and inadvertently altering time. And boy, alter time he did. He discovered that many of his friends didn’t know him and even worse, many of them turned bad. Wonder Woman and Aquaman at war, man, would I love to see that in the movie. Some of his enemies became good guys, some bad guys stayed bad, but the biggest surprise was Thomas Wayne, the father of Bruce, being the Batman of the world. Heck, even Cyborg became a government agent.

Batman and Cyborg became the Flash’s main allies during this event. At some point, they discovered something unusual. The Flash was wondering why this darker world didn’t have a Superman. Well, turns out they did have a Superman, only he wasn’t exactly super. The Flashpoint Superman was a very frail, scrawny man who was basically a lab rat for the government. His ship didn’t land near the Kent farm in the Flashpoint world, unfortunately.

This Superman spent his whole life in a cell powered by red sun radiation. He had no real social skills and once the Flash found him, he was only frightened. Once he was exposed to the sun, however, Flashpoint Superman gained his strength and his powers. Sure, he remained thin as a toothpick, but he still gained the usual Superman powers. He used his powers to assist the Flash in the final battle.

I’m talking about this because I have a feeling that Supergirl can have this role in the Flash movie. Let’s face it, are they going to get Henry Cavill and use a body double to make him look unrealistically puny? Yeah, I just don’t see that happening. What I can see, however, is having a smaller girl be the lab rat and becoming Supergirl after being freed by the Flash. She wouldn’t be Superman, but that would only make the Flash’s battle harder.

The Flash can teach the vulnerable and frightened Kara about the outside world, given his acquaintance with Superman. For starters, he can bring her out in the sun and she’ll get her powers. Barry can even become a better character by telling her what kinds of things she can do. This would allow both characters to grow. Heck, Barry can use this as a chance to improve his social skills. He’s pretty awkward himself.

Now what happens after Supergirl’s debut? Will she actually get that solo movie that’s been rumored for so long? There is a chance, but I see no reason why she and Henry Cavill can’t share the screen together as Superman and Supergirl. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know who Sasha Calle was before the news of her casting. Is she a good choice? I can’t say, but I am happy that she’s a latino like me and she’s getting a great comic book role that doesn’t resemble any kind of stereotype. So, good for Sasha Calle and I hope she delivers a good performance. She might not even have the same role as the Flashpoint Superman, but hey, I’m open to new interpretations.

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