Wade Cota: 10 Intriguing Facts About the American Idol Sensation

american idol wade cota

From his emotional debut on the American Idol stage with George Ezra’s Blame it on Me, Wade Cota has captivated audiences and judges alike. His raspy, soul-stirring vocals have earned him praise and a special place in the hearts of fans. Although he didn’t make it to the season finale, it’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of this talented singer. As his star continues to rise, let’s delve into 10 lesser-known facts about the Arizona native.

1. A Childhood Marked by Trauma

Cota’s courageous disclosure of using songwriting to cope with a traumatic childhood resonated with many. He has openly discussed his father’s physically abusive behavior, which left him with a permanent facial scar and a cracked skull. Despite the pain, Cota told USA Today, “I wouldn’t change anything. Nobody without a broken heart can write a song.”

2. A Strong Bond with His Mother

Cota’s relationship with his mother, Teri, remains strong despite their tumultuous past. After escaping her abusive husband, Teri worked tirelessly as a single parent to provide for her family. Cota has expressed his desire to make his mother proud through his music.

3. A Foray into Acting

In addition to his singing prowess, Cota has showcased his acting skills in two short films: Last Christmas! (2016) and Losing It (2015). IMDB credits him with roles in both comedies, directed by Jesse Lobell.

4. Earning a Standing Ovation

Cota’s performances have consistently impressed the American Idol judges. His rendition of Ray LaMontagne’s Trouble during the April 14th episode moved them to give him a standing ovation.

5. High Praise from Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been particularly taken with Cota’s unique voice, describing him as “really special” and praising his distinct sound. Fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie have also expressed their admiration for Cota’s talent.

6. Frontman for Sugar Water

Before American Idol, Cota honed his skills as the frontman for the band Sugar Water. Performing across Arizona, the group gained a loyal fan base with their dynamic renditions of Cota’s original material.

7. A Voice Shaped by Metal Music

Cota’s distinctive vocal style can be traced back to his years singing in a heavy metal lineup. He told Billboard that his raspy, gritty voice developed from a decade of screaming in metal bands.

8. A Second Shot at Idol

This season wasn’t Cota’s first attempt at American Idol. He first auditioned nine years ago, shortly after graduating high school, but was rejected during the initial tryouts. Undeterred, Cota has since returned with renewed determination.

9. A Stint on The Voice

Cota also auditioned for The Voice during American Idol’s two-year hiatus. Although he didn’t make it to the judges’ round, he later expressed gratitude for the experience, as it led him back to American Idol.

10. A Passion for Performing Since Age 12

Cota’s first live performance took place at the age of 12 during the Way Out West Metal Fest, a music festival organized by his mother. Despite describing the performance as “comically bad,” Cota became addicted to the thrill of being on stage.

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