Van Helsing Season 2 Premiere: Top Five Moments

Van Helsing Season 2 Premiere: Top Five Moments

People who have read their Dracula might expect Van Helsing to be centered around Abraham Van Helsing. However, it is not as simple as that, seeing as how it is centered around said individual’s descendant, Vanessa Van Helsing, who has woken up in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by vampires. The first season of the TV show proved to be a success, so much so that Season 2 of Van Helsing has started up as of October 5, 2017. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that the first episode started out on what can be called a rather exciting note.

Here are five of the top moments from the first episode of Season 2 of Van Helsing:

The Couple Living in the Mountains

The first episode started with a scene of a couple living in a mountain pass who choose to send out maps to their location via balloons so that other human survivors will have the idea of a safe haven to provide them with much-needed hope. This is a stupid movie because vampires are more than capable of reading those maps, but at the same time, it cannot be denied that the idea of a safe haven situated in a remote location makes for a rather striking image when contrasted with the rest of the TV show.

Mohamad Kills Sheema

Mohamad has made a number of rather questionable choices in order to save his sister Sheema. However, that came to a conclusion in the season premiere when he found his sister pinned beneath fallen rubble. She begs him to find either Dimitri or Rebecca so that she can become a vampire, which is followed by him killing her via suffocation. Such is the bitter conclusion to a long-running plotline that has prompted so much.

Post-Feeding Dylan

There is a rather memorable moment when Dylan is shown with blood still at her mouth, which hammers in the truth of her condition in a way that mere statements cannot. Being turned into a vampire is a horrific prospect, but there is something even worse when it is a child that has been turned. Never mind that the audience’s response is tied to that of Vanessa’s response, which is super-charged because it is her daughter who has been turned.

The Steel Door

Speaking of which, there is a moment in which Vanessa tears through a steel door with nothing but her bare hands. First, this is an excellent illustration of her superhuman strength, which is connected with one of the TV show’s central mysteries, which is to say, the exact nature of what she is supposed to be. However, it is also an excellent illustration of the sheer extent of her emotions when it comes to Dylan.

Taka Death Scene

Taka struck a deal with Rebecca to kill Dimitri, but in the end, it was Dimitri who emerged as the last character standing out of the three. Suffice to say that Taka should have killed Dimitri when he had the chance, which would have saved him from being caught by surprise when circumstances changed all of a sudden. Put even more succinctly, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


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