Ultra Age Is Launching Soon To Reacquaint Gamers The Slasher Genre

Ultra Age Is Launching Soon To Reacquaint Gamers The Slasher Genre

Ultra Age Is Launching Soon To Reacquaint Gamers The Slasher Genre

Ultra Age is a new high-octane slasher that is coming out soon. This game tells the story of a young warrior named Age that needs to do battle with robotic mutant hybrids in the year 3174. He must travel across the landscape to unveil a conspiracy and save the world from certain destruction. As far as stories go, this is an homage to the vast sci-fi adventure platformers that came out for Nintendo during the 1980s. Needless to say, there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, simplicity is all that’s needed to jump in and enjoy a new IP. Ultra Age is obviously borrowing elements from Devil May Cry and Sekiro which makes it a comfortable fit for fans of those titles. A couple of generations ago, slashers were fairly commonplace in a gamer’s library. As time went by gamers, and the industry as a whole, grew and evolved.

Now, the slasher genre has kind of gotten buried among the other category of games that rose to the top over the years. Needless to say, there are gamers out there that still dig high-speed slashers and they’re always hungry for more. Ultra Age may be the title that they’re looking for. Developers Visual Dart was clearly inspired by games like Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden, so now is the time for a new adventure for a new generation. There is some hidden depth to the gameplay that players may miss upon viewing the trailer. This title has a slick presentation to it and the flashy gameplay should win over fans of Devil May Cryand its ilk.


Ultra Combo

The immense number of combos in Ultra Age will make the carnage seem unlimited. Age will come equipped with an oversized sword that’s reminiscent of Cloud Strife. However, there will indeed be other types of blades to switch with and try out. Each blade will bring a new combat style and attributes that will constantly spice up the action. Age can summon a new blade mid-combo to gain maximum damage. Experimenting with these blades to create run combos and linkage will be the key to victory. Age will encounter foes that will require specific strategies to smite. They will range from minions flooding the screen to brutes. This will mix up the action and will keep players on their toes in the heat of battle. To add some more layers to the combat, there will be some light-RPG mechanics to unlock during the playthrough. Of course, there will be air-combos and special abilities that will enable Age to juggle enemies.

Players will need to collect elements to expand skills, power up blades and even learn new combo abilities. Modules and gear can be collected that players can implement to juice up Age. These modules will also help with increasing the number of blades that Age can collect. Ultra Age may not be reinventing the wheel, but why should it? It is taking things that clearly worked for the last two generations and making them their own. Furthermore, Age won’t be going to war alone. He will be accompanied by a little alighted droid named Helvis. This droid can assist Age in a number of ways. He can heal Age while he is in a bad situation. Plus, Helvis helps him go into “Critical Rage” which basically boosts Age’s damage and speed. There is even a “Time Shift” that Helvis can execute that will assist Age in looting more items. There will indeed be a myriad of items to find in this game that will assist with all kinds of gameplay features. Age will be a fully upgradable character to where players can play around with all the different weapons and gear to make him their own.

Better With Age

Given in good faith toward Sekiro’s abilities, Ultra Age also comes with a grappling hook. This “wire skill” can be used to traverse over impossible gaps and escaping hordes of enemies. Yes, there will be waves of mutants to overcome in Ultra Age, and sometimes zipping away will be required. The wire skill will a key component to combat and exploring. It can also be used to grab items that are unreachable. On top of that, the wire skill can utilize the “Quantum Warp” ability to shift Age closer to larger enemies while in a pinch. The combat in this title will be unrelenting and players will need to use every tool they can get. There will be a variety of collectible gear to use and a wide array of blades. It also helps to know that there will also be screen-clearing abilities to help turn the tide. Age will be able to obliterate and even dismember enemies with the assortment of blades that will be at his disposal.

Age will travel across vast deserts, dark forests and metropolitan ruins to fight all manners of cybernetic mutants. Along the way, Age will also come across mysterious characters that will help peel away the layers of controversy in the story. The bosses in Ultra Age will be taking up the entire screen and it will take some massive will to overcome them. According to the trailer, Age’s abilities will have designated buttons to execute. Chances are they will come with a “cooldown period” that will be very similar to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. It is safe to assume that these abilities can be customized to which button a player is most comfortable using. It looks like that on the lower left and right corners of the screen will be utilized for abilities with Age and Helvis, respectively.

Futuristic Edge

Ultra Age looks like a particular genre that is worth re-visiting. It seems that it has all the elements needed to make a solid, high-octane slasher for the next generation. Players won’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on it. All things considered, this title may usher in a new age of the dormant slasher genre. Expect Ultra Age to launch for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on September 9th. There is a demo available now available in the PSN to where players can check out the first chapter.fans of Devil May Cry

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