Turns Out The Boys Of “Riverdale” Have Some Rigorous Training Regimens

Turns Out The Boys Of “Riverdale” Have Some Rigorous Training Regimens

For the biggest of fans of the series ‘Riverdale’, you sometimes can’t help but swoon when it comes to the shirtless scenes. As corny as it sounds, there is nothing like seeing someone who is extraordinarily good shape, especially for actors who are playing a group of teenagers. Of course, all of that muscle and leanness only comes with hard work, and as we have just discovered, it seems as though the men of ‘Riverdale’ take their time to make sure they are in shape for all of the shirtless scenes, and for the series in general. The rigorous training is a main part of their lifestyle, and we have the inside scoop when it comes to how they are getting their bodies into such good shape.

1. Commitment

In order to get your body into tip top shape, the trainer of these male stars of ‘Riverdale’, Alex Fine, points out that the key to overall success is staying committed to the program. This means going through two intense workouts throughout the day, morning and afternoon, that hits every point in the spectrum of fitness. A lot of these actors take the workout seriously, as they want to be able to get into better shape and look better for the camera, and that obviously translates into the progress that we can clearly see on the show.

2. What The Workouts Entail

Like we said before, the program that Fine focuses on with these actors includes a regimen of a morning session and afternoon session. The morning will typically consist of about 45 minutes of intense cardio to get the blood pumping, while the afternoon shifts focus to weight lifting and muscle training (such as pull-ups, sit-ups, pushups, the works). This can all be affected by schedule as well. If one of the actors does have a shirtless scene coming up for filming, workouts may even be completed about three times a day with the same type of workouts. However, the third workout will typically consists of something that has a different focus, such as Pilates or even boxing. This keeps the body and mind from getting to worn out from the same workout routine day after day. On the other side of the spectrum, if the actors schedules just don’t have enough time to fit in two workouts during the day, Fine says that it is enough for them to just fit in at least one workout of 45 minutes that takes place in the morning. That allows them to still get in that intense workout, but without having to worry about making enough time in the day to do it.

3. No excuses

Fine makes a point with his actors that he works with to make sure that there are no excuses for not getting in at least one workout. He points out that there is time for anything as long as you commit to making the time to do it. If that means going to bed at an earlier time in order to wake up earlier for a 45 minute workout, then that is what it has to be. Although their work days and filming can be long at some points, they need to focus on staying in shape and making the effort.

There is a lot to be said about actors who take the time and energy to make their health and fitness a priority for their work, and the cast of ‘Riverdale’ is no exception. It is clear to see that these men have worked hard, and continue to work hard, with their workout regimens, making sure that their characters and their well being are in tip top shape no matter what. Whether it is making time for a boxing class, or just making sure you get in 45 minutes of either cardio workouts or weight lifting workouts, there is no stopping the shape shifting abilities of these young and talented stars. You can find out more information about the full workouts that these stars of the hit series ‘Riverdale’ complete everyday, and more information on their trainer Alex Fine, online. Who knows? It might just even inspire you to make the effort to transform your body as well.

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