The Top Uses of The Supremes Songs in Movies or TV

forrest gump

They were founded as The Primettes but later on changed their name to Diana Ross and The Supremes in 1967 only to change it to just The Supremes when one of the founding members, Diana Ross, went on to pursue a solo career. After 1972 the lineup of the group started to change more frequently as women came and went, but their sound never left thankfully and it’s because of this that The Supremes are considered to be the most successful vocal group in music history. Since their inception no group has ever really tapped into the kind of success that they found upon making their voices heard, though a few have at least come close and been fondly remembered. The Supremes however are legendary at this point and are not bound to be forgotten any time soon.

5. Lip Sync Battle-My World Is Empty Without You

Lip Sync Battle definitely pulls up some classics that people might have forgotten about and just need to be reminded of, and they do a great presentation for most of their songs. The performers on the other hand kind of go up and down but for the most part do their best and find a way to make the song seem even more interesting as they lip sync the words.

4. Jackie Brown-Baby Love

Jackie Brown is a classic movie that a lot of people love but this version of it seems to have kind of fallen flat for all but those that were diehard Pam Grier fans and wouldn’t say an unkind word about her or any of her movies if you paid them. It’s not a bad film but it’s definitely one that caters to those that are into this type of film and the genre it belongs to.

3. Forrest Gump-Stoned Love

Forrest Gump made a habit of incorporating as many classic tracks into it as possible, which made for a huge album that took at least a couple of days to listen to honestly. The best part of it though was that each and every song on the album was a classic from the good old days and was enjoyed by pretty much everyone that listened to it.

2. Beverly Hills Cop III-Come See About Me

The Beverly Hills Cop franchise was kind of running low on fans at this point since a lot of them had been left behind after the first or second installment of Axle Foly’s exciting and unorthodox life. This one however was really reaching and kind of just overreached it’s imagined potential. In fact the inclusion of The Supremes is possibly one of its only saving graces.

1. The Supremes-Stop! In the Name of Love

This is definitely a habit of mine on these types of lists and I consider it a good thing since you really can’t get any better than the artists performing their own hits in the flesh. This way you get to see how they move, how well they sing, and how well they worked together as a group.

Some groups were successful during their run, but The Supremes were absolutely epic.

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