The Top Five Science Teachers in Television Show History

The Top Five Science Teachers in Television Show History

The Top Five Science Teachers in Television Show History

We all have that nostalgic feeling when we remember our old school days. But one thing that stands out in the entire flashback is your favorite or the worst teacher you ever knew at that time. Although it is just a professional like any other, teaching has a social learning impact as well. Some Teachers, especially science teachers, leaves a permanent imprint in our psyches, either involving a horrendous experience you would wish to forget very fast or an inspirational experience that has really impacted your life in a better way. Interestingly, the same effect can be found with fictional teachers we meet on TV. While some of them are hilarious and just out of this world, some of them return us to exactly where we started -the nostalgic feeling of the old school days.

Just like any list a person can prepare on Teachers Day, here are the top 5 science teachers in television show history.

Walter White in Breaking Bad

Walter White could be easily accused of not mastering his craft, but no one actually did accuse him anyway. His lectures were dull and drab. He could also resort to some really unprofessional antics, like having open flames blazing in his class. Walter White stole equipment from the supply closet more than once and hung his burner phone on the ceiling at times. But the appalling part of his teaching career was when he turned one former drug junkie student into a promising protégé. He taught all of Breaking Bad fans to never hesitate in improving something they saw needed improvement.

Mr. Wizard

Donald Jeffry Herbert was the creator and host of Watch Mr. Wizard (1951—65, 1971—72) and of Mr. Wizard’s World (1983—90), which were educational television programs for children devoted to science and technology. He also produced many short video programs about science and authored several popular books about science for children.[2][3][4] It was said that no fictional hero was able to rival the popularity and longevity of “the friendly, neighborly scientist”

Mr. Clarke in Stranger Things

Scott Clarke is a recurring character in the first season. He is the science teacher of the boys at Hawkins Middle School. Throughout the series he helps the boys with different “science projects” that help them in their search for Will Byers. Mr. Clarke also runs the school A.V. club. His partner is Jen. Mr. Clarke is a likable, supportive, intelligent, friendly, resourceful, and caring teacher who is well respected by the boys and he is the first one they go to when they need help with their “science experiments.”


The Professor – Gilligan’s Island

Clearly Roy Hinkley (played by Russell Johnson) was not Nobel Prize material (he wrote Rust, the Real Red Menace) or very observant (Ginger and Mary Ann were his for the taking). Nonetheless, the man was an outstanding scientist. Cars and generators made of bamboo and coconuts are impressive, but those feats pale in comparison to his battery-life management. If the Professor could make a portable radio run for three years, imagine what he could do with an iPhone.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew – The Muppets

The good doctor, with help from his hapless assistant Beaker, explored the frontiers of science at Muppet Labs, where the future is being made today. To be fair, not everything worked. The big drawback to the nuclear shaver was the lead helmet you had to wear in order to use it. Fireproof paper wasn’t. And did anyone ever figure out exactly what Bunsonium does? But even Apple saw its fair share of screw-ups before taking over the world. Yeah, the iPhone is cool and all, but I’d rather have sharpened bananas. You’re lying if you say you wouldn’t too.

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