Our Top Five Olivia Thirlby Movies of Her Career

Our Top Five Olivia Thirlby Movies of Her Career

You’ve likely seen Olivia Thirlby more than once in movies and not realized it. She’s almost like another chameleon actor in that she can blend into a scene and kind of disappear so that people might look past her while attempting to divine just what the movie is about. That’s not such a bad thing really, especially if she helps the movie progress and move towards its inevitable climax and then conclusion. It might seem troubling that she doesn’t get enough credit for the roles she takes on but the fact that she can do her job, get the credit she needs, and then move on to the next role is kind of impressive to be honest. It could mean that she’s happy right where she’s at doing what she’s doing.

If only we all could say that more regularly.

5. Just Before I Go

Before one finally punches out of this world largely because they can’t handle it or don’t want to, it’s usually wise to consider just what you’re leaving. Settling old scores before deciding to check out though is probably not a good idea, especially if you believe in karma or just the possibility that your actions might follow you into the next scene beyond the veil. Of course trying to settle those old scores could lead to a few serious revelations as well.

4. The Stanford Prison Experiment

Based on a true story, the Stanford Prison Experiment still lives on in infamy since during this time the staff members responsible acted in a very controversial manner by allowing this type of thing to go on. There have been arguments and claims stating that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed in the movie version but the fact remains that there was still a great deal of abuse of power that went on during this debacle.

3. Dredd

Cops knowing how to get into your head through their wiles and wits is bad enough, but having a cop that can literally pick through your mind because she’s able to see your every thought is just scary. Granted, she’s doing this for a good reason, but it’s still disturbing to think of anyone being able to delve into your mind and pick you apart piece by piece until they get what they need.

2. The Wedding Ringer

It’s probably not a good idea to fake having groomsmen and to hire a wedding ringer to officiate your wedding. In fact it’s not even advisable to try and marry someone unless you happen to really love them and have a genuine interest in spending the rest of your life with them. But it does make for a funny comedy and a decent movie in which anything that can go wrong is probably going to do so.

1. Juno

Teenage pregnancy isn’t really something to joke about but in this movie it was at least given a decent look as the film explored what happens, what goes on, and what he impact of such a thing can be.

To all those would-be teenage moms…..just wait.

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