The Top Five Idris Elba Moments on “The Wire”

The Top Five Idris Elba Moments on “The Wire”

The Wire was considered to be one of the best shows ever created for TV despite not winning any big awards or garnering enough serious acclaim to keep going. Idris Elba was one of the biggest stars to come out of the show once it was done in 2008, establishing himself as a serious actor that was ready to take on even bigger projects. Set in Baltimore, MD, the show manages to show several different areas of the city and of life depicted by those that carry the story. It’s been praised as being realistic and uncompromising when it comes to showing the complicated manner in which some people live and how virtually no one escapes being compromised in life at one point or another.

It showed a hard, gritty side of life that a lot of people know about but don’t seem to see as much on TV.

5. Dinner conversation

Stringer was definitely not a guy to mess with, especially when it came to matters that he felt should be left alone after they’d been allowed to settle. He wasn’t the kindest guy in the world but he didn’t always suffer conversations like this without some sort of reaction. In the easiest terms he was a guy you didn’t just say things around unguarded unless you wanted to go looking for trouble.

4. Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics is usually something you don’t seem to worry too much about on the street, but if you’re trying to run a legitimate business then it’s something you really need to pay attention to. But if you really want to grow your business you need to learn even more and that’s how to think like the competition and then outthink the competition in an effort to get ahead of them and eventually overtake them.

3. Omar kills Bell

There are times when words and money just don’t make a big difference. When the problem is you then that’s what the person that has to deal with that problem is going to focus on. It’s not pretty, it’s not fair, and it’s usually not right, but it’s what happens and street justice is at times the only real kind of justice that happens when the law isn’t on your side or even really concerned about the situation at hand.

2. Omar testifies

No one likes a snitch, but when it’s someone like Omar he knows he can snitch and get away with it. The deal is that a snitch is never safe, but a snitch that has the kind of juice and pull that Omar does is likely to be as safe as anyone can be on the street. Omar does what he wants for the most part and doesn’t seem like he’ll have trouble throwing anyone under the bus in order to get them out of his way.

1. Shooting a cop

Shooting a cop is one of the surest ways to have law enforcement come down on you in a big hurry. Cops don’t like being shot at and they certainly don’t like losing their own. This is the kind of thing that can write a criminal’s death warrant.

It’s too bad The Wire had to end.

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