The Top Five Fictional Interior Designers in Movies

The Top Five Fictional Interior Designers in Movies

The Top Five Fictional Interior Designers in Movies

There used to be a big fat glow in the dark line drawn between architects and interior designers, but over the years the line has began to blur and eventually fade until you can just barely see the distinction. These days interior designers need to know something about architecture and vice versa. In order to complete a degree in either you really need to know something about the other, which is why it’s accurate to state that interior designers and architects are not all that different any longer, except when they decide to fully cross that line and claim one discipline or the other. That’s why a few of the people on this list appear to be architects and others are interior designers. The difference is not as big as you would think.

5. Otho – Beetlejuice

This is an interior designer. He is all about colors, palettes, and other fripperies that might otherwise elicit a snore from people who would gladly just pick a color that looks nice and plaster their walls with it. That might actually horrify or annoy Otho to no end and it would be kind of amusing to see. He played the part of the designing snob to a tee.

4. Melanie Parker – One Fine Day

It’s hard to imagine the kind of stress such a job must bring to a single person with a child unless someone has actually been through it. Melanie Parker however is highly educated and so on the ball most of the time that she can’t stand a little chaos in her life and when it does happen she tends to fall apart in a very noticeable fashion. But at the end of the day she at least spends time with her son and tries to teach him how to be a decent human being.

3. Peter Mitchell – Three Men and a Baby

So unless you haven’t had kids you can already attest to how babies tend to enhance and screw up your schedule all at once. They need so much when they’re born that your normally tidy and by the book life might become highly disrupted and even torn apart at times. That’s okay, even for a designer that’s typically on his game a baby is only a minor setback, and a cute one at that.  Technically he’s an architect but come on, we’re doing our best here.

2. David Murphy – Indecent Proposal

This proves that the designing and architecture industries are not as solid as some people would like to believe. Many times it’s the type of investments a person makes and what they do with their money, but a degree in any discipline having to do with design is not a golden ticket to riches unless you can make it work for you. If you can’t then it’s just a piece of paper saying you passed every class with high enough marks to graduate.

1. Alex Wyler – The Lake House

Not a lot of emphasis is placed on Alex’s job throughout the movie since a lot of it has to do with the fact that he’s somehow communicating with a woman that’s living two years in the future. But looking at that house it seems like it would a designer’s dream location with plenty that could be done to it.

So not all of them were strictly designers. But recall the introduction when I stated that in this day and age everyone that leans either way has to know a little about multiple disciplines.


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