Tom Hanks Hosting SNL At-Home Monologue Felt Just as Weird as We All Do Right Now

Tom Hanks Hosting SNL At-Home Monologue Felt Just as Weird as We All Do Right Now

Tom Hanks Hosting SNL At-Home Monologue Felt Just as Weird as We All Do Right Now

SNL just isn’t the same without being live is it? Well, to be fair it’s still live but coming to a person from several different locations is kind of odd and Tom Hanks’ monologue is bound to make everyone realize just how weird things are going to be for a while to come.  Will Richards of NME has more to say on the topic. Until there’s a vaccine found for the coronavirus we’re all on lock down for the most part, except for those that are out there continuing to do what they can to keep things running and take care of the rest of us as we go about our day. Some people are taking the coronavirus seriously and are hunkering down indoors as they try to help others and maintain that social distance that is so important at this time, while there are still those that aren’t bound to take it as seriously and are still being a bit selfish by going out whenever they feel like it instead of just when they need to. It’s understandable really, people are going to have to go out to get food, certain items they need on a day to day basis, and that’s fine, but trying to lump as much as they can into one trip, meaning if you need to go to the store and possibly to another area or two to obtain other goods then it’s best to make your trip a little longer in order to avoid going out multiple times versus just once, which is less of a risk for everyone and safer when it comes to preventing yourself or others from spreading the virus.

The SNL cast members are obviously doing their part as they’re staying home during this time like so many others, but that does present a problem as far as the show goes since for a long time now the show has been live on stage and presented in front of a studio audience. Spencer Bergen of Page Six has more to share on this subject. That’s not possible at this time so live in front of a virtual audience is going to have to work, though whether or not it’s going to is kind of hard to say. The fact that studios can’t function, stars can’t go to work, the crews of said studios can’t make it in since gathering in groups is a big no-no right now, all of it means that things are changing and that until the virus is well and gone, this is how things are going to be. SNL and every other show and movie that’s not able to be made fully from home and without a great deal of effort is going to have to make do with what is there to work with at the moment, and it does sound as though there might be enough that they can do to keep people entertained, though for how long is kind of up in the air.

Right now the future of the entertainment industry is kind of in limbo when it comes to how long studios can continue to just sit around doing nothing as movies have to be pushed back, TV shows have to wait to be filmed, and the actors have to find a way to pass the time while waiting on the day they can return and start to wow the audience once again with their skills. Alissa Wilkinson of Vox has her own opinion on the matter. Some actors have been pretty busy doling out PSA’s to the public and, in many cases, helping out where and when they can in a monetary fashion, thereby showing that they do care and are doing what it takes to help their fellow human being. The sad part is that for as much as they give, and it’s appreciated no doubt, even they can’t help everyone that’s been hit by these hard times since many upon many workers have been laid off from jobs that are deemed to be non-essential and those that are working essential jobs are doing so in a manner that is continually keeping them at risk. It’s very easy to criticize celebrities in this time, and I’ve done plenty of it myself, but to those that are actually helping and doing what they can for others there’s nothing else to say but thanks. People are worried at the moment and rightfully so since this is one of the most uncertain points in history that many people have had to live through, and in fact it’s every bit as bad if not worse than many of the uncertainties we’ve had to deal with in past decades.

Pulling together and trying to smile and have a good time however is important as it allows us to realize that we’re still here, we’re still in one piece, and we’re still able to help others lift their head up and move forward. That’s the important part after all, putting one foot forward, even if it’s only bound to take you from one room in your house to the next.

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