That Time When Ali G Interviewed Donald Trump

That Time When Ali G Interviewed Donald Trump

There are very few people who get to claim times when they completely humiliated and got the best of Donald Trump.   The most shining example is when Stone Cold Steve Austin decimated Donald Trump in the ring by giving him a Stone Cold stunner.  That clip will always live in infamy and Austin can take that all the way to the grave knowing that he completely embarrassed the now President of the United States on live television.   But did you know that Sacha Baron Cohen also had a chance to mess with Trump?

I think we forget about just how good a show Ali G was.   All of us always refer to Borat when remembering the TV work of Cohen but we mustn’t forget just how amazing Ali G was when he would interview people at extremely high levels in the world.   Cohen would get his hands on politicians, actors and actresses and many others whose profiles were very high.

It just so happens that one of Ali G’s guests was none other than Donald Trump and given all that’s going on in the White House, now is as good a time as any to post this amazing clip.  Sit back and enjoy Donald Trump on the Ali G show.

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