“Star” Season 2 Premiere Recap and Review

“Star” Season 2 Premiere Recap and Review

The Fox network television series “Star” made its season 2 premiere on September 27, 2017. The show is still new to the lineup, but it made the grade and was invited back for a second season. For those of you who missed the informative premiere, here is a recap of what happened along with our opinions on how it went over.

A brief rundown of the show

Queen Latifah is back as Carlotta, the surrogate mom to her crew of girls who look up to her to not only serve as their manager, but to help them make it past the roadblocks and lead them to victories. The music business is about as cutthroat as it gets, but Star is a drama that is powerful and the focus on three talented singers who are trying to escape their pasts and begin a new chapter in their lives have great ambitions to reach their goals of attaining stardom. They are just beginning to learn that there is a price to pay when this is your goal.

“The Winner Takes All”

This is the title of the season premiere and fans new that Alex was expecting a baby, but in the season opener we discover that she lost the child through miscarriage. It’s not something that she’s ready to talk about. Derek knows all about adjusting to hard life facts, but he’s doing well in his acceptance of losing his ability to walk, but it’s still not his favorite topic. We learn a lot about what’s happened in the five months since the first round of episodes has ended.

Carlotta and Jahil

Jahil wasn’t a great guy to begin with and it’s no small wonder that he was iced, but why couldn’t it have been someone else? We learn that Carlotta is the one who pulled the trigger and ended him for good. This is going to add more drama to an already busy storyline. Now we’re going to be wonder if she’s going to get caught and end up in prison for taking care of this rather messy business.

Simone is still getting in trouble

Simone couldn’t help herself, she had to find herself some trouble to get into at school and what did this get her? It got her out of Carlotta’s home because of the matriarch manager’s past record. Now Simone has landed in a home for girls that is more like a prison than a home setting. Carlotta and Star are not happy that she’s getting bullied and smoking Mary Jane to deal with it.

They kept that awful name

Big Trouble is the name that they had at the Atlanta Next-Fest and this hasn’t changed. It is descriptive though. Maybe if they came up with something a little more positive, it would signal a turning point for the girls. Simone an Alex haven’t exactly been making positive contributions, and Star is having nightmares about Hunter’s death. Star is getting a double dose with Arlene pointing the finger at her for the murders. According to her juvenile record, we find out that she’s had violent tendencies since the age of twelve.

Carlotta’s contributions

Carlotta isn’t doing a lot to help the girls in their career aspirations. The songs are crap, except for their opener, but she isn’t doing much to change that or to help them gain any solid footing. She is, however, pushed to make some changes in the season opener when Holland is fired and Ayanna Floyd takes the helm. She’s a scary no-nonsense type and Carlotta is rightfully afraid of her. She does attempt to have a one on one with her to protect the girls, but it doesn’t turn out the way that Carlotta had planned. We now know what she’s capable of and it’s not pretty, so we may be seeing some real drama in coming for her and Ayanna, not to mention what could happen over the murders she’s responsible for.

Cotton is finally out of jail and things seem to be going okay. She doesn’t feel good about her mom’s mortgage of the salon on her behalf, but the two are beginning to mend their fences, which is a good thing.

The group

Big trouble has yet to figure out that they could do better on the name. It would be nice if they came to life and started churning out some quality tunes and videos that are of equal value, but we’re not seeing that at this point. Queen Latifah has a wealth of personal experience to draw on and no doubt, some great stories to tell. Let’s hope that she keeps her focus on the group and helps them make the needed changes.

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