Tim McGraw collapses on stage in Ireland: What is His Status?

Tim McGraw collapses on stage in Ireland: What is His Status?

No one likes to see a concert cut short, but it’s not worth the health of the performer if they’re already questionable onstage. Tim McGraw collapsed onstage during a concert in Ireland, but thankfully his status at this time is that he’s doing just fine. Apparently at some point in his set he went to sit down next to the keyboard section, looking as though he just needed a moment to catch his wind. Some fans even thought that he was taking in the applause after singing Humble and Kind. But the truth was revealed when McGraw began to walk off stage and sank to his knees, obviously in some distress as his stage crew quickly attended to him and helped him to more suitable accommodations.

Faith Hill, McGraw’s wife and noted singer, came out shortly after and sincerely apologized to the crowd, stating that McGraw would not be coming back out for the rest of the concert. She sang a single song following this and then offered her thanks to each and every person for their support, and that they would be back in Ireland again to give their fans another show. In short Hill made a judgment call on her husband’s behalf and it seems like it was the right one to be honest. There’s no telling if McGraw would have wanted to go back out, but staying put and getting hydrated was obviously the best option. It’s fortunate for anyone to have a person in their life that will look out for them and make the decisions that they can’t make at that moment concerning their health, and Faith made the right one.

It seems as though a lot of the group had become dehydrated and were battle exhaustion during their three-day city tour from UK to Dublin. This apparently caught up to McGraw all at once as he was onstage, as he might have been trying to center himself and recover as he sat near the keyboard area. Obviously that wasn’t quite enough however as he tried to walk off stage and couldn’t make it. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that performing is a lot of fun at times for the performers, but it’s a lot of work as well. Traveling so often, going from one city to the next, and never sitting still long enough to really get the kind of relaxation a body needs can take a heavy toll on a person and wear them down quicker than a few hours of exercise could ever do. The prolonged activities and stress of putting on one show after another is something that can tax a body and cause severe dehydration even if a person is taking steps to keep themselves hydrated constantly.

This time it just caught up with McGraw and wasn’t kind when it finally did. Thankfully his wife made the call and it sounds like he’s doing fine at the moment. It’s kind of a bummer for those in Dublin that were wanting to see a full show, but a lot of folks will hopefully realize that McGraw will be back, and that a good show is even better when the performer is allowed to rest for a while and regain their health.

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