This Thailand Termite Spray Commercial is Absolutely Insane

This Thailand Termite Spray Commercial is Absolutely Insane

This Thailand Termite Spray Commercial is Absolutely Insane

Every time people look at American commercials and wonder just what the writers were thinking we get a glimpse of something like this, and then the American commercials tend to make a lot more sense or at the very least appear tame by comparison. This commercial from Thailand for termite spray is something on the level of an epic that might as well be listed as a B-movie considering how deep it gets and how dramatic the act becomes. Many upon many people know about the sprays and poison that can be carried by one or several insects back to a hive, it’s one of the more desired methods of getting rid of pests since it doesn’t aim to take them all out, only the hive that’s affecting a person’s home. The method isn’t the kindest and it’s definitely not bound to be quick fix since it might take some time for the affected insects to get back to the hive or nest so that they can affect those around them. In some cases a person’s home might be targeted by several satellite nests that are even more difficult to get rid of since taking one of them out will usually leave a couple more that will continue to find a way into the home. But as far as poisoning insects goes and alerting them to the idea that a particular home is not a wise target this is a method that’s used pretty frequently.

But huh boy, the commercial itself had to take a while to make, not to mention that it might have actually had a budget that was kind of insane. Production value couldn’t have been too much aside from the termite scenes, though given the costumes and the time spent on said scenes it’s hard to think that it was dirt cheap. It does make a person wonder how long it took to find or fabricate the insect outfits, just a mild curiosity though. Termites are definitely one of the many insects that no homeowner likes to see munching away on their home since not only are they voracious in their appetites but they’re hard to get rid of unless you know what you’re doing. Living in areas where termites are plentiful usually comes with the idea that a person better know a little bit about the pests if they’re going to be living with the constant threat of them. It pays to know your surroundings and what can affect your home sometimes, especially when critters and pests that enjoy snacking on parts of your home or invading to see what’s around is a common occurrence.

It’s easy to look at this commercial and wonder just what kind of thought process went into the making of it since in the US we look at this kind of commercial with raised eyebrows and possibly a smile since it appears so comical. But that makes a person wonder just what people in other countries think about our commercials and what goes into them. Across various cultures entertainment and the various ideas that come on how to deliver it differs greatly due to a number of factors that are continually shifting to change how we view certain parts of pop culture. Commercials are like mini-stories anyway at times that are created to push a product and give people the impression that they need whatever is being featured. Some products are hard to make exciting since they’re not all that interesting to begin with, but others lend themselves to commercials that are a little more action-packed and therefore able to grab the attention of the viewers in a much easier manner. Now as far as good taste and overall mastery of the genre go that’s pretty much subjective given that some people will watch this commercial and laugh while others might look at it and wonder just what in the hell they watched and why. Seriously, the commercial plays out more like a TV movie at some points as the termites are trying to act tough right up until they realize that the poison brought back by the primary insect has doomed them all. John Farrier of Neatorama has more to say about the commercial.

It feels safe to say you wouldn’t see this commercial in the US largely because it doesn’t appear as though it would be cost effective and likely because people would be wondering if the company selling the product had lost their marbles. It’s funny enough to watch considering that it is a real product and it is one of those that is believed to work, but the entire production is so over the top that it begs the question of whether the director works on action movies as well or has the desire to work in action and thriller movies. In any case it’s just crazy and needed to be shared.

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