This Insane Deepfake Willie Nelson for Omega Mart Commercial

This Insane Deepfake Willie Nelson for Omega Mart Commercial

This Insane Deepfake Willie Nelson for Omega Mart Commercial

Strange things are happening at the Omega Mart, especially when Willie Nelson drops by for a deepfake experience. What’s funny is that this might appear to be a fake ad spoofing a grocery store with an over the top experience at a place that takes various elements of comedy to the limit. But in truth, it’s an ad for an art installation in Las Vegas, and as you can plainly see it’s an exercise in madness that might test the boundaries of taste and sense with a lot of people since the utter lunacy of it is something that a lot of people might not fully understand or appreciate. That’s the trick with art though, it’s hard to know just what you’re looking at half of the time and what it’s supposed to represent. One might think that an art installation that looks like a grocery store would be talking about a great number of things that many people would love to stand and argue over for hours on end, but this idea does feel like something that is being used to make a point and to entertain people at the same time, but it really does feel as though it might confuse a lot of folks. It’s safe to say that the deepfake has confused a few people, but upon looking up what Omega Mar is and what it’s about it’s very likely that a lot of people are, well, still confused.

Art is definitely a very subjective thing despite what some folks might want to say about ‘truths’ and how they’re made to apply in some art pieces. One interpretation is bound to clash with another when people attempt to define what they mean with their art and what people think they mean. With something like this it feels as though there might be a host of different reactions that might come from those that want to give their opinion about what they’re seeing. For instance, this looks like one of the craziest grocery stores ever devised in the history of humanity but seen from the eyes of the creator it feels likely that we’d see a lot more than what is being presented. But if it turned out to be that ‘this is this way because of this and that in society’ which is pretty common, it might be enough to make a lot of people roll their eyes and come back to square one, which is realizing that we’re bound to look at things from our own perspective, since it’s comfortable and it makes the most sense to us. Plenty of people will try to see what the art is supposed to mean, what it represents, and what the artist was attempting to say, but this is why such art is sometimes a bit too much of a puzzle since it has to do with the hidden thoughts and expressions that people don’t let out into the world, save through the most confusing of filters.

Another thing about art however is that many people profess that they ‘get it’ meaning that they completely understand what an artist is saying with their works and how they’re commenting on the world around them. Saying this is wrong or right is kind of hard to do unless one is on the same wavelength as the artist, and it’s fair to say that sometimes this isn’t possible and sometimes the artist in question is someone trying to get attention and convince people that their idea is worth investing in. If anyone’s ever seen the price tags attached to art pieces and installations they might keel over right now, since somehow the expressions of an artist’s ‘troubled’ mind become worth thousands if not more to those that are willing to pay for them. This sounds nuts, doesn’t it? One thing to say about art, among the many, is that everyone has their own personal taste and because of this, the art world can get very messy and very confusing without much prompting since the things that people have in their heads that they want to get out are going to be running through an unending parade of filters that might make sense to some folks but be completely nonsensical to others. In the world of art, it’s easy to get confused with the first few steps since it almost demands that one abandon all sanity before they entertain the concept of what is seen as art.

Let’s put it this way, some of us can get into this because we’re either straddling the line between sanity and insanity on a daily basis, while others among us might need to take a step back from the edge, and others simply dive in headfirst. When it comes to art and the many different ways it can be displayed, there’s no right way to get into it, there’s only the way that works for you.

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