The Meaning of All 7 Danny Trejo Tattoos

The Meaning of All 7 Danny Trejo Tattoos

Tattoos mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Danny Trejo, a true rags to riches kind of guy, has managed to put meaning to each and every tattoo on his body. The actor came from a trouble past and has made no effort to really conceal it, as his trials and tribulations are there for anyone to see, as are the triumphs that made him the guy he is today. When it comes to being a tough guy he’s apparently a lot different off screen, but when he’s on screen you can honestly admit that you think he looks the part of the hardened killer.

Thankfully he’s a pretty nice guy in real life.

7. Catholic Cross

This is a sign of his faith and is located on his upper left arm. A lot of people tend to get tattoos denoting their faith and their religious stability or at least their belief. It’s kind of a way to affirm that you believe in something above, a higher power that you submit yourself to fully and without reservation.

6. Rose 

There hasn’t been any real meaning given for this one but rose tattoos can mean a few things. Hope, new beginnings, and other such positive traits can be taken from such tattoos, and for Trejo this seems perfect since spent a lot of his younger years in prison. Upon getting out he did a lot to turn his life around, so a rose could be the symbol he uses to show that he’s turned over a new leaf.

5. Hummingbird

The hummingbird can mean a lot of things in a lot of different cultures. It is a totem animal and can be used to convey ones beliefs and what they stand for, as well as the kind of spirit they possess according to a certain culture.

4. Peacock

The peacock that rests on his left forearm stands for fidelity and purity of heart. As rough as he might look Danny is a family man through and through and he wants it known that he won’t ever give up on his family and he certainly won’t do anything to hurt them. It’s easier to like this guy more and more as he reveals more about himself.

3. Danielle

A lot of people get the name of their kids tattooed on their bodies and Danny is no different in this regard. He has a deep and abiding love for his family and wants them to see that he will always love them no matter what.

2. Debbie

Debbie is tattooed over the right side of his chest to signify his deep love for his wife and how much she means to him. Danny is a very faithful and caring individual it would seem that has a very big sentimental side.

1. Mexican Cowgirl

This is his signature tattoo that everyone has seen before and was given to him in prison. The barbed wire at the bottom is to signify that his marriage to his wife is forever.

Everyone’s tattoo means something.

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