There’s a Whole Lot of Fight in Final Trailer for Kong: Skull Island “Rise of the King”

Earlier this morning we gave you a 10 second Kong: Skull Island tease that Tom Hiddleston shared on his Twitter account.  It was in anticipation of the full trailer “Rise of the King” that would be coming out today.  Well, it came out today and if there’s one thing we can all agree on, there’s a ton of fighting in it.  Legendary has promised that the story will honor the foundations of existing King Kong lore, but will place Skull Island in an entirely new, distinct timeline.

Regardless of the timeline we can see that with both posters and trailers that Kong is pretty angry.  If he’s not angry then all the other creatures are pretty annoyed at something.  We’re talking some serious action scenes and fighting in this trailer here.   While the movie will have a rating of PG-13, I can easily see this being slightly better if they just went off the deep end a little and let it be rated R.

I mean if they’re going after all this violence then just do it already.    Check out the trailer below:

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