Top Songs With Poker in the Title

The term “poker face” comes from the card game poker, where players strive to keep their emotions hidden to avoid revealing their hands to their opponents. Originating in the 19th century, the term has now become a staple term in popular culture. A few years after Facebook had launched, there was a proper meme culture that also had this iconic poker face illustration that gave all of us mad laughter at some point at least — only 90s kids will remember this. Anyway, the point is that the word ‘poker’ symbolizes an unreadable expression used to hide one’s true intentions or feelings.

However, the use of a poker face is not just limited to card games but has found relevance in psychology and behavior studies too. Even renowned individuals like Steve Jobs, known for his impenetrable expression during business deals, have famously utilized this strategy. The psychology behind maintaining a poker face lies in controlling and managing one’s emotions to gain an upper hand in situations. In 2023, the phrase “poker face” resonates beyond the poker table, even making its way into the music and film industry. This article lists the top seven song picks with Poker in the title.

1. “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face” claims the top spot due to its worldwide acclaim and significant impact on pop culture. The song, steeped in the symbolism of deception and hidden desires, is a reflection of Gaga’s own strategy in the music industry. Keeping her true intentions disguised under a catchy tune and dramatic persona? That’s Lady Gaga for you. This, combined with its infectious beat, helped “Poker Face” sweep global charts, etching it in the annals of music history, thereby, making it our undisputed number one song with poker in its title.

2. “Poker” by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)

Holding the second place is ELOs “Poker,” a fitting musical metaphor for the unpredictability of life. While not as pop culture-defining as Lady Gaga’s hit, this song excels with its distinct fusion of classical and rock elements. The lyric “The ace that’s hiding up your sleeve, will cause the world to grieve” encapsulates the game’s inherent risks while mirroring the bold gamble ELO took in their genre-blending musical approach. Its clever construct wins it our silver spot.

3. “Poker Face” by Ayumi Hamasaki

Another notable song with poker in its title is this rather unconventional entry because it’s a Japanese song, but with over 1M views on YouTube, it has has earned its spot on this list. The song is credited with igniting Ayumi Hamasaki‘s career, establishing her as a formidable presence in J-Pop. The track’s fusion of catchy pop melodies with poignant lyrics showcases the emotional depth often hidden behind a poker face. It may not hold the same international recognition, but its impact on J-Pop cannot be denied. 

4. “That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker” by O.A.R.

At number four, we find O.A.R.‘s “That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker”. Now this one isn’t just about keeping a straight face; it’s a narrative that mirrors the unpredictable nature of a poker game, narrated over a breezy, reggae-infused melody. Its unique take on the poker theme, coupled with the band’s skilled musicianship, places it firmly on our list. It’s a high-energy sing-along song, a favorite for most O.A.R. fans.

5. “Poker Face” by Eric Cartman

Halfway through our list, we have an unexpected entrant. Yes, you read it right, Eric Cartman from South Park. His rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” is truly a wildcard. The animated character’s unabashedly humorous spin on the pop classic is a total vibe! Its popular acclaim and the ensuing amusement make it a strong contender, earning it the fifth spot. A good song 

6. “Pokerface” by Ghostface Killah feat. Shawn Wigs

Adding a gritty edge to our lineup is this hip-hop gem from Ghostface Killah. True to its title, “Pokerface” maintains a hard, steely demeanor, with lyrics weaving intricate tales that reflect the high-stakes, bluff-filled world of poker. The real ace up its sleeve, though, is its ability to capture the essence of poker in the world of hip-hop. So if you’re into hip-hop, this is your cue to add this one to your Spotify queue. 

7. “Kids / Pokerface” by Weezer

This medley from Weezer concludes our list on a high note, demonstrating the band’s quirky appeal. The seamless blend of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” with MGMT‘s “Kids” is more than just a novelty. You’re basically looking at a showcase of Weezer’s capability to reimagine and deliver a unique twist. A must-listen for anyone fond of surprising mashups. The best part? Its audio was recorded in an audio and its video is actually the footage from two live performances by the band. 

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