The Top Five Female Presidents in Movies or TV

The Top Five Female Presidents in Movies or TV

While it hasn’t happened yet in real life, many people are still wondering when the USA will see its first woman as president, but we’ve at least seen a woman become a vice president at this point and the next step could be coming eventually. In TV and the movies though it’s already been seen that women have taken the top spot and ran with it as well as they could. For the most part, it’s been taken with a big grain of salt in some cases and celebrated in others since it does feel that people are ready to see this image for real, but perhaps things will conspire to happen that will make that happen sooner rather than later. Until then it’s been great for a lot of people to see what might happen with a woman in the oval office since those actresses that have been given the opportunity to show what they can do when they’re in charge have been lauded for the act and are undoubtedly going to be held up as the best possible examples if and when reality ever decides to catch up. When that will be is uncertain, but a lot of people are pulling for it, and one can imagine that it’s going to be seen as a momentous day when it does happen.

Here are some of the best examples of a woman president in TV and movies.

5. Christina Applegate – Mafia

While it’s a spoof attempt it’s still one that a lot of people might point to as a great example since the POTUS, in this case, was about to attain world peace, but had to go and get married instead, meaning that the whole world peace thing had to be put on hold. It’s funny to think that the same woman that played Kelly Bundy for so long on Married With Children was selected to be the leader of the free world for a spoof movie, but it does show that people have been wanting to see something like this for a while, even if it was something of a joke. She played the part off beautifully though and made it enjoyable.

4. Geena Davis – Commander-in-Chief

This presentation might make a few people laugh since the irony is kind of funny considering that the president passed away in this show and the VP was left in charge, meaning that it could very possibly be mirrored by real-life as many people are thinking that Biden won’t last through his presidency. While the implications of that are kind of terrifying for a lot of people, it’s still interesting that things would happen in this manner since it does make a lot of people feel that TV can be very prophetic at times considering that some of the things that happen on TV tend to happen in real life every now and then.

3. Sela Ward – Independence Day: Resurgence

She wasn’t as much of a presence in this movie as people would have liked but she did show up during important moments and was someone that could be looked to for inspiration at least. The bulk of the movie, which didn’t really get rave reviews, was given over to the main actors that drove the action, and it was kind of hard not to pay attention to Jeff Goldblum since his act in both movies was actually one of the best, and the fact that Will Smith wasn’t there to play off of or contend with was kind of hard for a lot of people to deal with. But the role of the president was less of a factor really in this movie.

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus- Veep

This is another instance in which the main character wasn’t elected president but was assigned the role after something happened to the president. The thing is that she was voted out eventually while another woman took her spot as president. It does feel that the show was worthwhile, but at the same time, it’s an idea that the world has yet to get used to since women in politics are definitely given positions of power and importance, but at the same time that top spot is hard to break into since several have tried at this point and have been denied in one way or another.

1. Robin Wright – House of Cards

Ruthless, that’s how to describe Robin Wright in this role since she learned a great deal from her on-screen husband before he was killed off after the controversy with Kevin Spacey that nearly cost him the entirety of his career. Claire Underwood went on to become the president at one point but the show kind of up and folded soon after that, meaning that the ratings were dropping quickly, and had been for a while. Would she have been a great president or a tyrant? That’s hard to say.

One of these days a woman will be president, that much appears certain.

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