BLONDE – Facts and Fiction

BLONDE – Facts and Fiction

credit: Blonde

The movie Blonde is based on the bestselling novel of the same title by Joyce Carol Oates. I have a running time of 2hrs 46mins. It is a Netflix original that is primarily based on a fictitious narration of the thrilling life of Marilyn Monroe. Blonde takes the viewer on a turbulent, some would say, trigging and disturbing ride through the metamorphosis of Norma Jean into Marilyn Monroe.

Ana de Armas plays the role of  Marilyn in Blonde. Ana brings to Life Marilyn as she captures her essence and delivers a truly extraordinary performance.

BLONDE – Facts and Fiction

credit: Blonde

A pivotal point that viewers must not forget while watching the movie is that Blonde is mainly fictitious. It is not, in its entirety, a biopic. Oates herself describes her novel, which this movie is based upon, as “a radically distilled life in the form of fiction” The director of the movie Andrew Dominik had also previously stated that the movie is not to depict the actual life of Marilyn. Keep this in mind when watching Blonde, as it can be pretty daunting and triggering.

Rather than giving a myopic view of the movie and repeating a story that most have already seen or heard, there’d be more focus on what is fact and fiction in Blonde.

Did Marilyn ever meet her Father?

The man named Clark Gable, who the movie portrayed as Marilyn’s Father, was not. It is true that Marilyn, at a point, did believe that Clark was her Father. Interestingly, both were co-stars in the 1961 movie Misfits.

Marilyn discovered the true identity of her Father. He was a man named Charles Stanley Gifford. Charles was a co-worker of Marilyn’s mother, Gladys.

According to Castillo, Marilyn attempted to contact her Father, but he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with her.

Did Marilyn Want Children? Did she have abortions?

Marilyn wanted children and a family, but sadly she couldn’t carry any to full term because she had endometriosis.

As depicted in the movie, Marilyn suffered a painful miscarriage while married to playwright Arthur Miller. She suffered a total of three miscarriages while married to Arthur.

About the alleged abortions, there is no concrete evidence to prove or disprove the rumors. However, her friends told photographers that Marilyn had had numerous abortions. For example, one friend, Amy Greene, disclosed to a photographer that Marilyn had as many as a dozen abortions, some of which were “back alley procedures” that caused reproductive issues.


Was Marilyn in a throuple?

Now, this is one exciting question that has come up time and time again after the movie premiered.

This part of the movie was largely fictional as there is no evidence that Marilyn was simultaneously in a relationship with Charles Chaplin Jr. And Edward G. Robinson. There are rumors that she had affairs with both men at separate times.

Chaplin, in his memoirs, confirmed that he had a relationship with Marilyn in 1947 when they were both 21.

BLONDE – Facts and Fiction

credit: Blonde


Marilyn’s entanglement with JFK.

We must know that although this is a subject of historical interest, there has been no definitive proof to ascertain this claim.

This has been a long-standing rumor that many have come to believe.

Tony Oppedisano, who was close to both JFK and Marilyn, firmly believed that the relationship between the two was sexual. Marilyn had come to love the president and was on the verge of breaking his marriage.

Jerry Blaine, a former secret service agent to Kennedy, didn’t share this notion with Tony. Jerry said he had been present when the duo were social and saw no indication of an affair.

There is no proof of JFK being a cruel, sexually perverted brute, as depicted in the movie.

Was Joe DiMaggio abusive?

Bobby Cannavale played the role of this character while he was never referred to as DiMaggio in the movie; this character being a famous Italian baseball player, made it clear that he was, playing the role of the real-life DiMaggio.

There have been countless witnesses of DiMaggio screaming at Marilyn and even slapping her once. However, these reports were never ascertained, as neither Joe nor Marilyn spoke publicly.

BLONDE – Facts and Fiction

credit: Blonde

The Death of Charles Chaplin Jr

The movie shows that after Charles Chaplin Jr dies, Marilyn receives a letter and is momentous from him, which causes her to break down emotionally and mentally and subsequently overdose on drugs.

This part of the movie is mainly fictional as Chaplin Jr. died six years after Marilyn in the year 1968

He did not die by choking on his vomit, as said in the movie; instead, at the age of 42, he collapsed and died in his grandmother’s home from a pulmonary embolism.

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