The Simpsons Movie Gets the Honest Trailers Treatment

The Simpsons Movie Gets the Honest Trailers Treatment

The love that The Simpsons have gained and kept over the years has been impressive to put it lightly since the show had already gained a large following after starting on The Tracey Ullman Show. It feels as though the movie might have been an easy score and it was really since people flocked to the theaters when it released, which makes this clip from Honest Trailers pretty funny and easy to take as a parody like so many others. People love to argue about The Simpsons and what’s happened with the show over the years, but trying to sit and justify why one thing is important over another thing and then discuss that other thing over there while taking into account this thing…oh it gets confusing. Just sitting down to enjoy the show sometimes sounds like the easiest thing to do, and enjoying the movie since it’s like one long, continuous episode sounds even better, but apparently that’s not allowed as fans will still argue over this or that and wonder why certain things appear to be changed. It’s natural after all since like many other shows this one has a slew of inconsistencies that are sometimes put there on purpose and sometimes appear to be there for one reason or another.

It’s an animated show that became an animated movie, after all, it’s allowed to be silly and crazy and do things that don’t make sense and tend to be the type of things that make a person sit up and go ‘huh?’. But in terms of character development, it does feel as though some of those in the movie have managed to move forward and do something different while others have largely stayed the same. It’s about what people should have expected really since if the characters had changed too much it’s fair to say that they would have had to change in the seasons to come or it would have been kind of awkward, and likely to irk fans since a lot of people still care about continuity. Thankfully with an animated series, a lot of things can be explained away in a random manner that puts things back to rights now and then when a reset is badly needed. Doing this with live-action tends to upset people a lot more since the nature of animation most times is that things can happen and the most outlandish reasons will actually work so long as there’s plenty of humor and nothing is stretched so far that people can’t follow it.

The Simpsons has always existed between the realms of logic and chaos largely because they benefit from both and can utilize them to a great extent since logic is where the story resides, while chaos tends to intrude quite often just to remind people that as an animation it is prone to experiencing some of the most outlandish things imaginable. Over the years the show has taken on some seriously weird twists and turns that have managed to keep people watching and have even inspired folks to discuss various episodes and why they happened the way they did. This is pop culture, and The Simpsons have been one of the greatest examples of how it can mold a person’s life and how it can take over in a very big way. There have been plenty of negatives that people have brought up over the years, and yes, Bart and Homer and their behavior are two of the biggest offenders since the idea of child abuse when Bart’s being strangled and the casual way that Bart flouts the law and does as he wants is evidence that he’s one of the least admirable characters in the movie. Yet he’s revered as one of the most entertaining characters since his attitude and his rebellious ways have earned him a special spot in the hearts of so many. Homer is just a big doofus, though he does try to be more a lot of times and ends up failing horribly. His inability isn’t really matched by his ability to do anything, but something usually manages to work out anyway when he gets lucky or the rest of the family help to bail him out.

For years now the Simpsons have been one of the most dysfunctional and yet most loved families on TV and now in the movies that anyone has ever seen, but they’ve also been one of the most loved since for some reason they work just the way they are, and people have grown attached to them in a big way. How much longer they’re going to last is anyone’s guess since it would appear that there are always new ideas being thought up for the family. But they’re still funny at least, as many people would agree.

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