The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Seven: Served. By Bob.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Seven: Served. By Bob.

Tonight’s special episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta made up for Sunday’s snoozefest in abundance. Bob owned Sheree and Phaedra in the courtroom, the seeds were laid for a potential Sheree vs. Phaedra catfight, and… Charles Grant (and Marlo) got more screen time. Take a wild guess at which one of those highlights flat-out bored the hell out of me. In fact, let’s just get that out the way first so I don’t have to come back to it.

It’s “The Charles Grant Show!” Starring Charles Grant (and Marlo)

So Charles (and Marlo) were “invited” to appear on Kandie’s Kandi Coated Nights webshow and the topic quickly went to Charles’s alleged fling with NeNe. Of course, Charles ate the attention up while Marlo sat there waiting until she was directly spoken to. When (finally) given the opportunity to shine, Marlo bombed harder than Charlie Sheen did during his tour this past summer. In short, I’m over Charles and Marlo already, because there is nothing there but dead space and opportunity. Plus the fact that they aren’t together anymore gives reason to believe their whole relationship was just a sham for a spot on the show, which is beyond sad.

The reason I have an issue with the Charles (and Marlo) storyline is because it arrived dead on arrival despite all of the pre-season hype surrounding it. According to the behind-the-scenes drama and blogs during the filming of the fourth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo was expected to be hell on hells coming on the show. With a rap sheet longer than Kim Richard’s pointing finger, you would think Marlo would be a handful, especially in the vocal department. Instead, we get the polar opposite (which isn’t necessarily bad. People do change.) and Charles hogging all the camera time. Over. It.

Even NeNe’s reaction to Charles’ (and Marlo’s) appearance was a weak moment and only drug the rest of the episode down. Just as discussing the dulling irrelevancy of Charles and Marlo now is slowing this review down. So let’s move on…

Perception IS Everything, Sheree…

In my previous review, I stated how despite my everlasting ire for Sheree, she is irrevocably without a doubt owed child support from Bob. But I will be damned if she didn’t make it hard to justify that argument tonight…

Ever since this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta began, Sheree has been displaying and talking about how much of a rut she was in having to take care of her two kids without Bob doing his part. As we saw Sunday, Sheree’s townhouse/apartment wasn’t really ‘worthy’ of Real Housewives status nor was it worth Sheree’s lifestyle she was used to. Remember the house Sheree was introduced in back in season one? A major deduction when you look at the digs she’s dwelling in now.

So for a woman who is having a hard time putting food on the table for her kids and about to take their deadbeat father to court for not paying child support, you go buy a Porsche? Really, Sheree? Really?!

Again. Bob needs to step up to the plate and stop being a lowdown jackass when it comes to his child support payments. With that said, Sheree needs to stop giving him ammo to use against her in court. Granted, Bob didn’t use the recently purchased Porsche as a slam dunk in this episode. But boy if he had of known? It would have been used as Exhibit A and it would have been a wrap for Sheree, instead of a postponement.

Phaedra, who I’m completely sold on now (except for those whack blouses she wears), tried her damnedest to explain to Sheree the error of her ways going into the hearing. Even if she might have done it in a ‘kind, but throw Sheree under the bus’ sort of way. Another reason why Phaedra was worried about Sheree’s new purchases and wardrobe for court? Read on for my next highlight.

Everybody Knows That It’s Never Personal, It’s Just Business.

Phaedra knew that everybody in Atlanta knew how Sheree was not the ideal client for lawyers when it comes to the payment. With that said, Phaedra knew that if Sheree could go out and purchase a Porsche and “$10,000 handbags,” then she could easily afford Phaedra’s generous retainment fee of $5,000, which she had lowered for Sheree’s sake. It’s all about having your priorities straight and Phaedra was only worried if Sheree was going to pull a Kim and not pay her, especially with Sheree’s reputation with her lawyers. For Phaedra, it was nothing personal. Just business. Maybe Sheree should try to seal a spot on a future Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump to learn and cherish that virtue.

Also, I found it a bit rude/shady for Sheree to have Phaedra’s staff hightailing her to pick up a check that she owed them. After Phaedra went through the trouble of lowering her fee, making sure she was well taken care of, you would think that the least Sheree could do was bring the check to the office herself. Again, there were times tonight where it was really hard to root for Sheree when she pulled crap like that. Then Bob came and just handed Sheree back the sympathy card.

Served by an Ex-Football Player… Who Represented Himself

Bob acted like a total child in and out of the court room. The smirk as he gave the judge his contention papers, the comment about graduating from Stanford, and the seriously unnecessary taunting with his tongue made Bob not only look like a fool, but a bad representation for men everywhere. His kids will see that and will probably write him off for good afterwards; and if they did, I wouldn’t blame them. Hopefully, someone from his family snapped on his ass tonight when the Real Housewives of Atlanta aired tonight.

As for the ‘losing parties,’ I don’t think Phaedra deserved the criticism from Sheree, who should have known herself that Bob would have a hail mary in play. She said it herself throughout the episode that Bob was smart and had ties in the system, which means she should have mentioned that couch and done some research on her own. It’s the equivalent of people praying to God, or their respective Higher Power, and not doing anything to meet the Lord halfway. Phaedra can only do so much and can’t read Sheree’s thoughts. With the way Sheree has been crying and stalling, could it be that Sheree knew Bob had something on her to use against court? Hmmm…

In the midst of all of that drama, it seems as if Sheree and Phaedra’s little friendship might be “shifted” a little bit and it will be interesting to see who will come out on top.

While Kim and Phaedra made appearances tonight in their own segments, they weren’t really as engaging as Sheree and Phaedra’s adventures in and out the courtroom. Kandi was close to making her sex toy line complete, her freak level rising with each episode. Kim, on the other hand, welcomed Baby K.J. home, dealing with her jealous dog and Sweetie washing her wigs the wrong way. Maybe Sweetie was fired for mishandling Kim’s human hair wigs? That firing is still messed up, if you ask me.

So we have a new episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Sunday and hopefully Phaedra will school Sheree on how the law works for the public and not just for Sheree. However, let’s hope the lesson is short and the two serve Bob a dish of karma.

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