The Matrix 4 Is Beginning to Come into Shape

Matrix 4

So far with what little we can glean based off of the article written by Ryan Scott of MovieWeb it does sound as though the upcoming Matrix 4 will be a jump back in time since it’s surmised that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will be playing a young Morpheus. However it’s also been established that Jada Pinkett-Smith will be coming back as Niobe, so it’s hard to say as of yet just what direction this movie is going to be headed in. It’s even hard to know just what Lana Wachowski is thinking since the third movie ended on a note that stated that things might turn once again and that Neo might be needed once more, but that would mean that with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss coming back that it would almost have to be a movie set in earlier times before Neo was fully aware of who he was and was still an integral part of the Matrix, or it will be set sometime after the third movie and the whole thing will start again as the theory that the Matrix could be an endless cycle set on ‘repeat’ that no one knows about save for the machines. Wouldn’t that just be a grand jest in light of all that happened in the last three movies?

Somehow I doubt that will happen but it’s always a thought since the Matrix was a trippy movie that a lot of people couldn’t really predict. It did go down some very metaphysical lanes that some people had a lot of trouble following. Admittedly though this appeared to be on purpose to see just who was paying attention and who was simply waiting for the next epic fight scene. The sad part about that is that if you followed even a few sentences you got the general gist of the movie and the rest of it was for the benefit of the writers that were trying to sound a little too intelligent and philosophical for their own good. There are a lot of different ways to outsmart the audience, but being pretentious isn’t one that usually works since it tends to backfire on the writer. When you can get a good idea of what the movie is all about from the fight scenes it tends to mean that the dialogue is kind of useless and only serves as a break between the action that people will gladly fast-forward to since it offers up more about the movie’s real direction and why it carries any hint of importance. Matthew Jackson of Looper has more to say about this.

Sam Ashurst of Digital Trends offers up a good number of theories as to how the fourth movie could go, and in reality a few of them make perfect sense, especially considering that the movie could literally go in any direction given the nature of the Matrix and how it’s basically a world within a world where things can happen so long as they don’t break the rules that have been laid down. The tenuous peace between humanity and machines tends to be one catalyst to the next story that will spark off a chain of events that could easily set the two factions against one another again and rekindle old hatreds that never really went away. But the biggest trick will be bringing back Neo and Trinity since they were both as dead as could be by the end of the third movie, one being impaled and one sacrificing himself so as to end the war and eliminate Agent Smith for good before he became the new dominant program.

The theories thus far range from Neo somehow coming back to mentor a new savior to Neo actually resurrecting to be the next villain and even Morpheus turning out to be the villain. At this point it’s a lot to think about and it’s becoming a little more interesting since the story could wind and turn in any way necessary to accommodate one story line or another. We’ll have to wait and see how Lana is feeling about one theory or another though and it could spark a great deal of debate online as the rumor mill is already running tirelessly and people are doing their best to predict what might be another blockbuster.

Personally I’m not one hundred percent against it, but at the same time I’m still on the fence when it comes to praising or stating that this movie isn’t a good idea. I love a good story just as much as anyone else, but there is a time when just about any story needs to be put to rest and left alone for a while. The Matrix 3 was a completion to a story that had just about come off the rails it felt, but ended with what a lot of people could say is the only real conclusion that made sense. Hopefully the fourth movie will hold onto that feeling and build from it.

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