The ‘Madagascar’ Movie Characters – Ranked to the Most Classic Icons

Credit: DreamWorks

The American animated comedy film Madagascar came out in 2005. The Dream Work Studios produced this jungle frenzy of a film. Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell paired to direct this movie.

The story revolves around a lion named Alex calling out his other zoo buddies, a hippo named Gloria and a giraffe named Melman, to seek Marty, their beloved zebra friend; itoescort him back to his cage after learning that he had escaped the Central Park zoo.

Marty had never stepped in the wild in his entire life; therefore, his buddies set out on a mission to find him. However, they create a big fuss at a railway station that attracts media attention. The lot is eventually shipped from New York City into the wilderness amidst the free-spirited lemurs. This leads to a humorous adventure of four friends that had never seen life outside the bars of Central Park.

Here are some of the movie’s characters ranked, leading to the best.

Melman the Nervy Giraffe

Credit: DreamWorks

Melman is probably one of the most pointless characters in this chaotic movie. A sick and nervous giraffe named Melman is the most useless animal at the zoo. Melman is always contagious and wastes time by guzzling medications five times a day. After bursting from his box and learning that he is stranded on a deserted Island, he names it San Diego because that is the only place he knows. Later, we learn that he is in love with Gloria, which is hilarious. This Giraffe has a particular place reserved in viewers’ hearts, even if he is a big wimp.

Gloria the Glorious Hippo

Oh boy! It appears that it’s time for the zoo’s diva. Gloria is a fierce yet caring hippo. She has a traditional role in the group and is constantly there to support everyone in difficult times. Gloria is relatively indolent and sleeps till a very late hour. Even though she goes insane when enraged and no one wants to mess with her, Gloria is the character that keeps everyone together since, without her, Marty and Alex would always be tied in banter and would constantly quarrel.

Alex the Not-So-Fierce Lion

Credit: DreamWorks

Alex is a very peaceful and unique silky-maned fellow, not your regular wild-bred lion. In the movie, Alex dances in the zoo every day and performs enthusiastically in front of a vast audience. It’s entertaining to see him lose his marbles in Madagascar, homesick and desperate to return. Being a canine, Alex loves meat, and after going more than a month without eating it in the wilderness, he almost devours his homie, Marty. The King of New York plays a significant role in this story, and it wouldn’t be satisfactory without him.

Marty the YOLO Zebra

Next in line is Marty, the most chill and excellent animated character of all time, and the stunt-man at the zoo. The plot reveals that Marty dreams of exploring the wilderness since he is sick of that mundane life at the zoo. The striped guy departs for the railway station at night with the naïve goal of returning in the morning after spending an entire day in the jungle. At the railway station, mayhem breaks out as his friends appear unexpectedly, and they later, find themselves on an island.

The Penguins

Credit: DreamWorks

The Penguins are amongst the most iconic and famous animated figures in cartoon history. There were four members within this gang of these badass penguins. First, we have the skipper, the group’s sole leader. A tactical genius, he excels at developing strategies and carrying them out. Second, there is Rico, whose stomach serves as the group’s storehouse; he has swallowed everything and spits anything out when required. Third, their mastermind is Kowalski, the next person on the list. Every strategy he creates is creative and extraordinary. Last but not least, Private is there to provide emotional support while also looking cute and cuddly. These penguins’ cooperative behavior and calculated actions make for pleasant viewing, and their comical presence offers the movie an exciting edge.

You can stream Madagascar on Netflix.



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