Five Awesome “Pathetic Best Friend” Characters from the 80s

Five Awesome “Pathetic Best Friend” Characters from the 80s

You know who they are. The guys, usually the guys, that are the odd ducks, the ones that few if any people ever really respect, and the guys that get walked on more often than not. They’re the ones called the geeks, the dweebs, and a host of other different names that they never really earn but are still saddled with. These guys are usually the best friend to the leads in the movies but they don’t get much notice until it comes down to near the end or towards a really tender moment. They’re the ones that have the lead’s back more often than not and end up being one of the greatest assets in the film.

Don’t feel too bad for these 80’s sidekicks though, usually everything works out in the end in some way.

Brian – The Breakfast Club

Brian is the stereotypical dweeb. He’s the teacher’s pet and the unwitting dork that people tend to look down up just because he’s smart and likes to be friendly towards others. He doesn’t start out being the best friend of anyone, but by the end of the film he’s become one of the group in his own way and is accepted for who he is.

Lucas – Lucas

Everyone wants to be liked in some way. Lucas tries so hard to fit in and to be a part of the larger group that he winds up pushing others that genuinely care about him away. The need to belong is sometimes so strong that people tend to do things that are uncommonly stupid and can even result in a near death experience. Lucas is a special kind of guy, but it takes almost getting his head caved in to realize it.

Duckie – Pretty in Pink

Yet another lovable loser, well, not really. Duckie has a lot of redeeming qualities, but they don’t fully show up until he tells the girl of his dreams to go after the man she really wants. He’s a good friend that wants the love of his life to be happy, and so let’s her know that she needs to go after her dream. It’s okay though, fate rewards Duckie right after, and the obligatory look at the screen tells you that he’s listening.

Cameron – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Even the quirky, pathetic best friend is allowed to go berserk now and again. Cameron is a guy that has some serious issues that tend to stem from his lousy relationship with his parents. His dad’s car is the real pride and joy of his life and Cameron is just the mopey teenager that has to be dealt with. So yeah, it’s very easy to understand this moment of pique. At that point Cameron’s more than entitled to it.

Vern – Stand By Me

It has to be said, Vern is the last person anyone would want watching over them with a gun in hand. Not only is he the group’s biggest coward but he’s more likely to end up throwing the gun at an intruder than he is to actually shoot it. And even if his finger finds the trigger the other guys would be better off not being there at all then catching a stray bullet. Vern is one of the only best friends in movies whose life never really gets better. After all, he stays in Castle Rock and really doesn’t go anywhere as the narrator describes.

The pathetic best friend is the guy that really doesn’t come out that great in the start or middle of the movie. Chances are their shining moment either comes late or doesn’t come at all. But they’re still there, and they still try to support their friends. That counts for something.


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