The Legend of Korra: Unraveling the Past and the Search for Korra

The Legend of Korra: Unraveling the Past and the Search for Korra

Korra, in a box - Can't wait for action figure KorraThe Legend of Korra delivered a captivating blend of backstory, plot, and action in episode nine, Out of the Past. This episode delved into Korra’s visions and her friends’ search for her after her kidnapping by Tarrlok in the previous episode.

Trapped and Controlled by Tarrlok

In a cellar, Korra’s feet float through the air as Tarrlok Bloodbends her, controlling her every move. He lowers her into a metal box with an open-square railed roof, trapping her inside. It seems she hasn’t mastered Metalbending or Airbending yet. Tarrlok leaves his cabin in the snowy mountains, far from Republic City.

At the Air temple, Tenzin receives a phone call with bad news. He arrives at the Council building, where a Waterbending medic tends to Tarrlok. Tarrlok lies about the Equalists attacking and taking Korra, and Tenzin tells Saikon to mobilize the force to find her.

Lin Beifong’s Quest for Justice

Elsewhere, Lin Beifong wakes up to the radio reporting on the ‘Equalist attack’ and Korra’s disappearance. Still recovering from her last encounter with the Equalists, she dresses in her metal uniform and discards her badge, determined to hunt outside the law.

At the police station, Beifong breaks Asami, Bolin, and Mako out of their cells, informing them that Amon has taken Korra and they must save her. Mako is visibly affected by the news.

Toph - The First Badass Beifong

Korra’s Meditation and Flashbacks

Back at the cabin, a distraught Korra tries to escape the metal box. Remembering Tenzin’s advice about meditating, she gives it a try and succeeds. Through her meditation, she experiences a series of flashbacks, including Aang meeting up with Toph and her Metalbending cops. They arrest Yakone, the man from Korra’s previous visions. Korra is impressed that she finally managed to connect with Aang but wonders what he’s trying to tell her and if he has a way out of the box.

Tenzin, Beifong, Mako, Bolin, and Asami discuss their plan to find Korra. Lin suggests searching for her underground, and Mako knows where to start. As they leave, Beifong tells Tenzin that they’ll also find her captured officers at the Equalist hideout.

Discovering the Equalist Hideout

The group follows Bolin’s lead to where he was captured by the Equalists. Beifong uses her mother Toph’s scanning trick to locate a hidden tunnel. They venture inside, and Mako uses Firebending to light their way. As they progress, Beifong demonstrates her incredible skills, bending locks and walls to help them navigate the underground prison.

As they search for Korra, Beifong finds her captured officers, but it’s too late – Amon has already taken their bending. Mako interrogates a fallen guard about Korra, and the Equalist reveals that they don’t have her and that Tarrlok is lying. Beifong confirms that she’s scanned the entire prison and Korra isn’t there. Tenzin realizes that Tarrlok must have her.

Amon’s Encounter with Tarrlok

As the group escapes the prison, they deduce that Tarrlok has taken Korra. Meanwhile, Korra continues to meditate in the metal box, witnessing Yakone’s trial and Aang’s pursuit of him. Aang eventually captures Yakone and removes his bending.

Korra snaps out of her meditation, realizing Aang was warning her about Tarrlok. She confronts Tarrlok, revealing that she knows he is Yakone’s son and can Bloodbend without the full moon. Tarrlok admits his plan to rule Republic City as its savior but blames Korra for ruining everything.

As Tarrlok prepares to escape with Korra as his hostage, he encounters Amon and his Chi-Blockers. Amon proves immune to Tarrlok’s Bloodbending and takes away his bending. Amon orders his men to capture Korra, but she manages to escape the metal box and flee from the cabin.


Korra’s Rescue and Reunion

Korra slides down a snowy mountain, eventually falling and hitting a tree. Fortunately, Naga finds her and carries her back to the city. Korra’s friends hear Naga’s howl and follow it to find Korra. Mako carries her to the flying bison, reassuring her that she’s safe now.

This episode provided a wealth of flashbacks as Korra finally made progress with her meditation. Mako’s feelings for Korra became abundantly clear, as did Asami’s jealousy. Beifong demonstrated her badass skills, Tenzin remained cool, and Bolin provided comic relief. The revelation that Yakone is Tarrlok’s father may not have been surprising, but it was satisfying to see Tarrlok’s downfall. Most importantly, Amon’s true identity and the key to his Bloodbending resistance remain a mystery. It’s great to have Korra back, and perhaps one day, she’ll be as cool as Sokka.

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