Who from The Good Doctor Cast Will Have the Most Successful Career?

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is a series that’s currently airing on television. By all accounts, it’s one that has taken audience members by storm. When it first aired, a lot of people couldn’t really decide if it was something they wanted to follow or not. The story involved in this series is one of a doctor who suffers from autism. He’s incredibly brilliant and is truly gifted in the medical field, yet people have a habit of discounting everything about him because of his autism. He’s also brutally honest. As an autistic individual, he sees nothing wrong with telling it exactly like it is. This is something that completely unnerves the other doctors, and not because they’re afraid he will say something unkind. Instead, they’re more afraid of their own reputations being threatened by someone who’s better than they are. Although the show hasn’t been on for very long, it’s gathered a strong fan following. Below are the top five characters that are likely to have lucrative careers in Hollywood once this show ends.

1. Freddie Highmore

He plays the lead role of Dr. Shaun Murphy. It would be almost unthinkable to believe that he wouldn’t attract a tremendous amount of work coming his way. The way that he plays this character is nothing short of brilliant. Not only does he carry a big load on the show, but he’s expected to perform as if he is autistic. He has the speech patterns and the movements down to the point that he is completely believable on the show. This proves that he’s capable of playing virtually any role, no matter how challenging it might be.

2. Richard Schiff

Schiff portrays Dr. Sean Murphy’s mentor, if you will. Playing a man named Aaron Glassman, he has to deal with all of the other individuals at the hospital that aren’t exactly excited about Dr. Murphy’s presence. In fact, there are many scenes where his character is the only one that seems to be in Murphy’s corner. He tries to help him navigate the world from the perspective of people who don’t have autism, providing a critical link between his world and the world that everyone else seems to live in. The thing that you quickly learn is that the only one of those characters that really seems to understand true compassion and honesty is Dr. Murphy.

3. Nicholas Gonzalez

Playing a doctor named Neil Melendez, Gonzales is a near-perfect antagonist. From the beginning, he doesn’t like Dr. Murphy and he seems to be more than anxious to prove that he’s not capable of cutting it in a hospital environment. The funny thing about it is that Dr. Murphy usually upstages him, making him even angrier about the situation.

4. Beau Garrett

Garrett plays Jessica Preston and she does it with relative ease. Everyone on this show seems to have roles that are rather challenging, and even more so at certain times than others. Like most of the rest of the cast, Garrett is capable of performing her role in a way that brings intensity to the show. She is a true asset to the cast and there’s no reason to think that she can’t do the same thing in other roles.

5. Antonia Thomas

In the television series, she plays Claire Browne. Again, she has the utmost level of professionalism. This is an ensemble cast that truly epitomizes professionalism and quality. Thomas is capable of bringing a great deal of passion and empathy to a scene, and at the same time she can bring a certain amount of fire that easily proves she has the capability to play anything that comes her way.

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