The Five Worst Things Penny Did to Amy on The Big Bang Theory

The Five Worst Things Penny Did to Amy on The Big Bang Theory

The Five Worst Things Penny Did to Amy on The Big Bang Theory

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will know very well that Penny and Amy did eventually become the best of friends since Penny was Amy’s maid of honor at her wedding to Sheldon. But at some point, before Penny changed a bit and started being nicer to everyone and wasn’t seen as a mooch or the brainless ditz in a crowd of super-nerds, there were moments when it felt as though the girl next door was something of a pain in the backside since she wasn’t really the best friend that Amy could have. This is highly debatable since some folks might take each instance and state that there was no way that Penny could be called a bad friend for anything she did, especially considering that the show was a comedy and was meant to be a little problematic sometimes thanks to the fact that comedy does go a bit fringe at times. But there are definitely those that would gladly point out that there were moments when Penny was anything but a good friend to Amy since she was a little too blunt and a bit too dismissive of certain things.

Here are a few of the worst things that Penny did to Amy.

5. She ignores Amy’s traumatic moment in the airport on the way to Las Vegas.

When Amy, Penny, and Bernadette were on their way to Vegas for a girl’s trip it was stated that the person patting Amy down got a little too aggressive on a pat-down, and Amy punched the agent, earning her a spot on the no-fly list. Apparently, Penny’s reaction to this, telling Amy that she’d had the Vegas experience by losing money and getting groped, was all perfectly fine. It does kind of glorify the whole idea of touching a woman without her consent and as anyone could admit, this part isn’t right. But one could also state that Amy returned the favor by socking the agent in the nose, even if it did come with consequences.

4. She’s belittled Amy’s interests.

To be realistic Penny did this to everyone at first since she was the only person in a group of intellectuals that didn’t know what was going on all the time or what was being discussed. But the great thing about this is that Penny did eventually learn how to navigate around such moments and was able to work her own average intelligence into the mix since there was plenty that her group didn’t know concerning certain aspects of life that she was skilled in. It’s fair to say that it’s not nice to belittle anyone’s interests, but at the same time it’s also called survival when one has to find a way to fit into the group.

3. She kind of uses Amy to feel better about herself.

To Penny, someone that’s more attractive than she is was something of a challenge or a threat. By being friends with Amy she could be the prettiest girl in the room, meaning that she would gladly take advantage of this and might have seen Amy, on occasion, as the perfect friend to have around since she could feel a little bit better about herself. There are plenty of people that have done this throughout the history of humanity, but thankfully Penny came to realize just what a good friend Amy really was since she genuinely wanted to stick around her for reasons that would become clear as the show went on.

2. She’s put pressure on Amy throughout the show to change.

This could go either way it feels since some people pressure their friends to change for the better, to open them up to the world, and get them out of their shell. But some friends do this for selfish reasons since they don’t want those they pal around with to reflect poorly upon them. It might have been like this at the beginning, which would make Penny a horrible narcissist since she would have been using Amy to make herself feel more secure. But as the show continued onward it became obvious that she valued Amy’s company and friendship, and that the changes she was encouraging her to make were for her betterment.

1. Penny kind of spoiled Sheldon’s secret in regards to Amy.

This is another point that can kind of work in Penny’s favor even though some might use it to insist that she’s kind of a rat when it comes to secrets. Obviously, when a person wants to keep a secret it’s best to stay quiet about it no matter how badly you want to tell them. But this secret actually kind of saved Amy and Sheldon from a very awkward social situation that Sheldon wanted to become intimate. So when you think about it, Penny kind of did them a favor.

See it how you want, but everything Penny did that can be construed as ‘bad’ was actually for Amy’s good in some way, shape, or form.

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