The Five Scariest Video Games of All-Time

The Five Scariest Video Games of All-Time

The Five Scariest Video Games of All-Time

Some people like their video games to be adventurous, engaging, and even cheery. Others say heck with it and dare game designers to scare the living daylights out of them, and in some cases they might have gotten their wish since some of the games out there are on a level that’s right up there with the most gory and disturbing horror films to ever be released to the public. A lot of them are still action-packed but a good number of them will make you wish that you were playing during the daytime. The scares and the shock moments that some games deliver on a regular basis are enough to unnerve even the most resolute gamers at times unless they have ice water in their veins and are ready to tussle with the biggest, baddest monsters that any horror-based game has to offer.

Here are some of the scariest games of all time.

5. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

The point of the game is pretty easy to figure out since it’s about a dark spirit that is bent on enslaving humanity and the players must select one of several characters that they can use to navigate the game and find a way to defeat the evil before it consumes them. It enjoyed a decent run but was eventually shut down since the company that produced it had to disband, thereby ruining any chance for a sequel. Be that as it may the images and content were enough to scare some people half to death, metaphorically-speaking, since it was so horrifying in its imagery that some people found it to be truly disturbing.

4. Resident Evil HD

Resident Evil has always been considered one of the most terrifying games to come along since it’s been one of the top zombie games on the market for so long. In many ways it’s tried to up its game several times in order to keep relevant and to stay on pace with other games. But the entire story seems to be one terrifying leap after another into the abyss of a world that has been all but wiped out by the virus that created the first undead and swept across the face of the earth, leaving the survivors to fend for themselves and try to band together just so they could see another day. Darkness and deceit were perhaps two of the scariest things about this game.

3. P.T.

Repetition with just a bit of change is one of the creepiest parts about this game as it seems to be that no matter how you move about or however many times you go down the same way things are going to change and you might just encounter something that wants to kill you. That’s the point of a horror game though, right? This game was actually cancelled as a download but fans were so adamant about having it back that it did get reinstated. As far as the graphics and the story line go the scare level is pretty high and the unnerving part about it is that you don’t seem to get much of anywhere at first.

2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This game is like a giant puzzle as well as a race against time in some way since the main protagonist wiped his own memory beforehand and is now piecing things together as he makes his way into the lower reaches of the castle in which he has awoken, seeking the baron so that he can kill him. Unfortunately he’s also being chased by a thing called the Shadow that is actively hunting him and has to be wary of mutated humans known as ‘gatherers’ that are also a threat. This is the kind of wake-up call that many people could do without since the tight, twisting corridors that exist in this game are just another way to spike the old blood pressure.

1. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill seems to have a way of attracting people even if they’re better off staying away. In this installment there are a few individuals that visit the town and are there for their own reasons. The main character wanders throughout the town encountering the vile things that live in the darkness, including not one, but TWO Pyramid Heads, who are are manifestations of his guilty psyche that are fully intent on killing him. When he finally leaves Silent Hill the cycle is started all over again. This game had six different endings that were available in response to how the game played out, and each one of them was kind interesting in a morbid sort of way.

People love to be scared, that’s just the way of it sometimes. In video games it’s even better since they get to control the action for a while and really get into the story in an interactive way.

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