The Five Scariest Cars in the History of Movies

The Five Scariest Cars in the History of Movies

The Five Scariest Cars in the History of Movies

Normally cars aren’t too terrifying in real life unless you’re staring one down as it’s barreling towards you on the street. Even then it’s not the car that’s terrifying, it’s what you know is about to happen. But in some movies, the sight of certain automobiles is downright horrifying since one knows what they represent and that they mean that whoever is behind the wheel IF there’s someone behind the wheel, means to do a great amount of harm to whoever is in their way. Sometimes it’s the car, sometimes it’s the driver, sometimes it’s a combination of both since some drivers really don’t care in the movies and are out to do maximum damage to pretty much anyone in their sights. Some cars in the movies are so iconic that they’ve become a part of pop culture in a way that means they’ll be referenced now and again when people get the urge and when they think it’s warranted. The fact that some cars have earned such a place in the minds of so many means that someone told a story that was both convincing and managed to get carried along by one generation after the next.

Here are a few of the scariest cars from the movies.

5. Hyundai Excel – Boyz N The Hood

This car wasn’t really anything special, but from the first time that it rolled upon Tre in the movie it was evident that something was up since the shotgun that emerged from the back seat was evidence that whoever was inside wasn’t really afraid to pull the trigger. The downside of this of course was that this wouldn’t be the first time the car would show up in the movie, and every time the audience got to see it the red color was almost like a rolling danger sign that made it clear that something was about to go down when the car showed up, or that there would be a threat looming on the horizon.

4. Chevy Malibu – Repo Men

It wasn’t really the car in this movie, but what it was carrying the trunk that made it so dangerous. The fact that it was being driven by a lobotomized individual wasn’t a mark in its favor either since whatever was in the trunk was capable of disintegrating whoever looked at it. Having a less than mentally stable person behind the wheel didn’t exactly make things better since there was no telling just who was going to encounter the car and what might happen once they did, apart from someone getting curious about the trunk and then never being heard from again. It wasn’t the best movie in the world but it was interesting.

3. Machine Gun Joe’s ride – Death Race

Machine guns and rocket launchers, not to mention other hidden surprises that all had to be activated to be deadly but were still intimidating, is what made this rig so terrifying. The realization that Joe wasn’t the most pleasant individual either was something that made it even worse since he didn’t think twice about lighting someone up when his weapons were hot and ready to go. That and the idea that the guns he was using could pierce something as resilient as the metal construct known as the tombstone on the vehicle of the lead actor’s ride made this vehicle one of the most dangerous ever created.

2. 1970 Chevy Nova – Death Proof

A stunt car can be beaten up and damaged just like any other vehicle but the thought is that it’s likely to be reinforced and capable of taking one hell of a hard hit, which means that anyone inside of it during a crash should be relatively safe, at least unless the rest of the interior is reinforced for safety. Unfortunately for the victims of Stuntman Mike, that just wasn’t the case since they were beaten and battered to death within the car with each hard turn he took since the guy was something of a sadist that liked to use his car to maximum effect. Strangely enough, his car didn’t help him much once a group of women decided to stand up to him.

1. Christine – Christine

Come on, you had to know that this car was going to top the list, especially since the creation of Stephen King has been one of the most iconic vehicles ever created, and none before or after it have been able to give people chills in the same way, ever. The fact that Christine could go off on her own, kill those that damaged her so badly, and then keep rolling while on fire was insane. Plus, Christine could fix the damage without any help and was having such an odd effect on Arnie that some people still have qualms about the story and this model of car to this day.

Cars can be terrifying for various reasons, believe it.

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