The Five Heroes That Iron Man Never Met in the MCU

The Five Heroes That Iron Man Never Met in the MCU

The Five Heroes That Iron Man Never Met in the MCU

The way the Infinity Saga was put together one might think that the MCU’s kickstarter, Tony Stark/Iron Man would have made the rounds at one point, especially when it came to the final battle. But one has to remember that for the dreaded snap, Tony was still on Titan, and therefore didn’t get to know a few of those that fought and failed to stop Thanos. It’s kind of interesting to think of what might happened had he been able to meet those five characters and how he would have reacted around them largely because his personality is the type that rubs some people the wrong way and intrigues others even if it still rubs them the wrong way just a little less. Being an intelligent and kind of arrogant individual, Tony is still capable of his own version of ‘nice’ and yet won’t sugarcoat things if he doesn’t feel the need, which would go over great with some people but not so great with others. Obviously with some of his fellow Avengers he was a person to be looked up to and revered for his intellect, but when it came to his temperament and his ability to make someone feel less intelligent it wasn’t always a winning combination.

Here are the five people in the MCU movies that Tony didn’t get to meet.

5. Gamora

In a way this kind of feels like a win despite how that sounds since if Gamora couldn’t take Peter Quill’s nonsense until she warmed up to him it’s likely that she might not have taken Tony’s for that long before wanting to dice him into pieces. But keep in mind that the most dangerous woman in the galaxy came in contact with Thor before she was eventually taken by Thanos, and then sacrificed in the attempt to gain the Soul stone. A lot of people are thinking that she should have been brought back to life still able to remember Peter, but she died before the snap, so her fate was already sealed, and the Gamora that’s there now is what we’re left with.

4. Wasp

It’s hard to say whether Hope and Tony would have been able to get along since she was a much more physical individual and was also a woman that didn’t suffer foolishness gladly. The fact that she bonded with Scott Lange is something that fans likely wanted to see, but she’s still the rough and tough daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, the original Ant Man and Wasp. Just guessing here, she’d likely be amazed with at least some of the tech that Tony was able to devise, but given that her father is something of a genius as well she might not be as impressed as a few others in the group.

3. Groot

Groot and Tony might have actually gotten along simply because Groot is the type of character that is fine being left alone and being useful when he can be, albeit with a bit of attitude from time to time. Tony might have seen him as an oddity, much as he did Rocket, but he could have seen the use that Groot could have as well. But since Groot was subjected to the snap he never got the chance, which is too bad since Tony might have been able to crack a few jokes about the character and make it sound good at the same time. As far as Groot was concerned he might have been just another human, but a smart one perhaps.

2. Valkyrie

Do you get the feeling that a lot of the women in the Infinity Saga movies might not have liked Tony in their own distinctive way? Valkyrie might not have openly hated him had they met, but it does feel as though she might have looked down on him as another weakling human, at least until seeing the kind of tech that Tony could unveil and what it could do. Think about it this way, he probably could have reverse-engineered her spaceship from Thor: Ragnarok and made it even more efficient and less capable of misfiring when she least needed it to. She likely wouldn’t have had a lot of use for him, but she might have showed him some form of respect.

1. Shuri

Keep in mind that Shuri looked at Banner as though he was a bit simple when it came to dealing with Vision and the work he and Tony had done. It still feels as though Tony and Shuri would have had a great deal of respect for each other, though admiration might be taking it a bit far since Shuri, being young highly intelligent, would have likely felt that she was somehow superior to Tony’s intellect, and Tony would have felt the same about his own like always. But deep down it does feel like these two would have been able to get along simply due to their love of technology.

He didn’t always get along with everyone, but Tony did manage to establish himself as a capable member of the Avengers.

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