The Five Best Songs from the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

The Five Best Songs from the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

The Five Best Songs from the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack

In 1991 a story was brought to life that has been in the annals of human history for some time, and it was done in a way that allowed people to enjoy it rather than be horrified by the adult implications that might otherwise ruin a child’s fantasy. Beauty and the Beast is indeed a tale that has been around for a long while, but Disney put a nice spin on it and created a soundtrack that was quite pleasing so as to give the story a very pleasing touch and a feel that all was going to be well eventually even after the harsher scenes had been left to make people feel the utter fear and hopelessness that had gripped the Beast’s castle. The live-action remake definitely made us believe in the magic again, but the animated version was something that made people take notice of this classic tale in a way that many had forgotten over the years.

Here are some of the best songs from the movie.

5. Gaston

Gaston is just a jerk, there’s no other way to say it. In modern times he’d be the guy that everyone wants to be like but no one can really stand if they’re being honest since he’s confident, strong, and completely manly. But some might even say, especially now, that he’s the epitome of toxic masculinity since he doesn’t believe women have much worth outside of housekeeping and raising children and making their husbands’ lives more comfortable. In fact if he had his way Belle would have been a happy little housewife darning his socks and raising their sons. Thankfully Belle couldn’t stand him.

4. Belle

Belle was an oddity in her village since she didn’t act the same way as everyone else and dreamed of a life outside of the little world that everyone else knew and wanted something more than what she’d been born to. The fact that this made her something of an outcast is a trait that a lot of people can relate to in this era and even back in the 90s since many people want something more than what is right in front of them. But Belle’s major failing isn’t that she wants the impossible, it’s that she is a bit naive no matter how strong she is, as is proven when she makes her way to search for her father when he goes missing.

3. Something There

During her captivity you wouldn’t think that Belle would be able to deal with the Beast all that well, but when he shows his true colors by saving her from a pack of wolves she decides to at least repay the favor, and in doing so finds out that he’s not the animal he seems to be, but a far more gentle soul that is in great torment. While it kind of conflicts with the idea of a person that would put her in a cell without due cause she can’t help but feel something for him eventually and finds that she’s actually falling for the Beast. This of course gives way to those that want to claim Stockholm Syndrome, which unfortunately fits.

2. Be Our Guest

Despite the Beast telling his servants that Belle was not allowed to eat without him, Lumiere is simply unable to sit back and accept such an order as he imparts upon the servants the need to see to Belle’s care and produces a veritable feast that Cogsworth vehemently objects to. The fact that both of them know that if Belle is the one to break the curse is not quite enough to quell Cogsworth’s desire to follow their master’s word, though Lumiere easily circumvents his friend and fellow servant and continues to unveil a dinner fit for a king as Belle watches on in wide-eyed wonder. Out of all the songs this is perhaps one that kids love the most.

1. Tale as Old as Time

While the number two song is loved by kids because it’s fun and engaging, this song sums up the movie nicely and is loved by adults and children alike. The story of Beauty and the Beast was first written back in 1740, but the idea that came forth and was presented to the general public in the years since is something that has been continually changing with the times and has been adapted more than once to fit the ideas of the producers. Disney took a very fun turn with it and created something that was touching, not too challenging, and in a pleasing way gave kids yet another Disney princess to look up to since Belle signified yet another shift in the ever-changing look and attitude of the Disney princess. Gone were the days when they were made to wait for a prince to come save them. This was one of those movies in which the soon to be princess was far tougher and more resourceful than she looked.

Out of the many tales, this is one of the best that Disney has to offer, still and for a long time to come.

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