The Five Best Jason Isaacs Movies of His Career

The Five Best Jason Isaacs Movies of His Career

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One thing you might not have known about Jason Isaacs is that he had to deal with a lot of abuse from those in his neighborhood when it was discovered that he was part of a Jewish community. Thankfully he survived and went into acting where he started to excel and eventually became the person we all enjoy today whenever he’s on screen. Throughout the years he’s managed to step into the shoes of a number of characters we’ve either liked, loved, hated, or loved to hate. He’s definitely had a penchant for being the villain in various movies since something about his looks just seems to scream ‘bad guy’ when he’s on screen, though in real life he seems like a pretty decent person that lives a rather calm and sedate life when he’s not around the business or on screen. You could say that he’s been typecast a few times but then you’d be missing some of the more positive roles he’s played throughout the years.

Here are five of the best movies from his career.

5. Soldier

So honestly this wasn’t the greatest move in the world but he did play a part that’s hard to pass up since he was playing the role of a CO that was just nasty enough that viewers would want to see him get his comeuppance. When an elite group of soldiers is deemed as obsolete in comparison to their younger, stronger, and more capable counterparts his character orders the alpha of the squadron to be tossed out with the trash after the alpha of the new squadron defeats him in hand to hand combat. What he didn’t count on was the fact that the old alpha was far tougher and more versatile than he imagined. Plus, the image of his character peeing his pants when the alpha soldier got a hold of him was too great to not mention.

4. Event Horizon

D.J. has a few issues that he might have needed to sort out had he been able to stay live, as his heads not exactly wired right from what can be seen in this movie. But whatever issues he’s got they kind of take a back seat to the fact that he and his fellow crew members are in way over their heads when they board the Event Horizon, a ship that disappeared years before to a place that no one could possibly imagine. When the ship starts taking on a life of its own and actively torments the crew they do their best to keep their wits about them, but eventually all but a couple of them manage to get taken in and subsequently eliminated by the ship and its creator, Dr. Weir.

3. The Patriot

Tavington is by far one of the most ruthless men in this movie and that’s saying a lot since the lead character that Mel Gibson plays is by and large an utter savage when he really gets going. The difference between them however is that Gibson’s character is fighting for something that Tavington simply doesn’t possess despite what he might claim: honor. Tavington is the type of officer that wants the glory, the reward, and the accolades, but cares nothing for the acts of mercy and compassion that others might value. In fact it’s another moment in Isaac’s career when you can’t help but cheer for the death of the bad guy near the end.

2. Armageddon

This was actually a role in which he might be said to be a little pompous, but it wouldn’t be entirely accurate since he knows just as well as anyone that the mission that they’re sending a bunch of drillers on is one of utter importance to the world. Plus he makes a very good point even if a lot of people would argue that the science still doesn’t hold up. If you light a firecracker and hold it in your hand you burn your hand, but if you close your fist, well, there’s a good chance you won’t be scratching yourself with a full set of fingers from that point on. This is one of the roles in which he’s a very agreeable good guy.

1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Ah, good old Lucius Malfoy, one of the most pompous, arrogant, and conceited men in the entire Harry Potter universe, and yet also one of the weakest, most insecure and fragile egos in the entire Potterverse as well. When he first comes in he’s the mean and cruel individual you simply know to fear in some regard, but as his character arc continues along with the story he becomes something of a weakling since he can’t help but fail and is called out time and again by Voldemort for this unfortunate character quirk. Plus, in this scene it becomes apparent that Dobby could have put him on his butt at any given time, and that elves are WAY stronger than wizards. So what gives? Why are the elves not running things?

For all the characters he plays that we love to hate, he’s still a great actor and worth the accolades he’s given.

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