The Top Five Mel Gibson Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Mel Gibson Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Mel Gibson Yelling Scenes in Movies

Say what you want about Mel Gibson but when it comes to the Yelling Game he is one of the absolute masters. The guy can scream, yell, roar, and just flat out throw his voice in ways that make other people envious in a way. He has the rough, almost grating voice that’s attractive to some and almost growling to others. That’s definitely part of the charm he’s used onscreen and a good reason why he’s the man’s man in many people’s minds. Still, he’s proven that he can be more than a womanizer, a warrior, and even a renegade or rogue that is out to get what he wants and not worry about anyone else. And he does it all in that voice that’s undeniably masculine and hard to get over.

He’s awesome, plain and simple, no matter what anyone thinks about him.

5. Ransom

The guy is actually daring the kidnapper to kill his son, which is smart on one hand and horrifying on another. I mean come on, you don’t just dare someone that’s possibly holding a gun to your kid’s head to pull the trigger. There’s no telling just how unbalanced the person on the other end of the line is. Of course if they’ve gone to these lengths they’re not going to kill the kid and risk losing any chance at a ransom.

4.  Conspiracy Theory

Poor Jerry. He’s so right about so many things and yet no one believes him because he acts like such a crackpot. But the problem is that someone was listening and they believe him, which is why he had to be brought back in, albeit briefly, and reconditioned in a way. Obviously that didn’t take since he ends up biting off Patrick Stewart’s nose, kind of, before escaping.

3. Lethal Weapon 2

Killing someone else isn’t a good thing, but if you’re going to do it in a movie then do it quickly so that they don’t suffer. Don’t throw a deranged cop into the water to drown, especially if it’s in the same spot where you tied up his new girlfriend. Riggs is the last guy you want getting mad at you in any case, and the fact is that once you’ve tried to kill him and fail the best option is to just run.

2. Braveheart

Despite the major discrepancies between the movie and the actual history this film was something special. Braveheart was a movie that got the emotions stirring and the heart pumping just a little harder. Unfortunately if anyone read a history book right after the movie to check its veracity they probably got pretty bummed out. Some of it was correct, but not much.

1. Lethal Weapon

So obviously the shock isn’t enough to kill but it would still really, REALLY hurt. I don’t know how torture works but this seems like it would do a little more damage. I could very well be wrong though. But like I said above, unless you kill him right then and there, you’ve really just offered yourself up on a silver platter.

Mel Gibson, awesome. (mic drop)

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