The Five Best Demi Lovato Acting Performances of Her Career

The Five Best Demi Lovato Acting Performances of Her Career

Demi Lovato is known to a lot of people for a few reasons but one of them is her amazing performances that she’s given since becoming a Disney kid years ago. That’s not where she started out but it is where she managed to gain a lot of her fame and has since then kind of moved on from. Throughout her life so far she’s had a few issues here and there that have been something of a struggle for her to get through but despite the headlines and the news media hounding her and feeding certain ‘facts’ and other tidbits to the fans she’s in a decent place at this time and working her way through whatever problems have come along. It’s often hard to feel sorry for anyone that’s reached a pinnacle in their lives such as Demi but an outpouring of emotion and support from her fans has kept her going thus far, though sometimes it’s not quite enough it seems. Some struggles the stars have to go through on their own, and in some cases they prove up to the task.

Here are a few of her best performances to date.

5. Camp Rock

A lot of this film has to do with pretending to be someone that you’re not, and Mitchie comes to find out very quickly that this isn’t just a bad idea, it’s one that can blow up in your face without any warning. When she gets into Camp Rock thanks to her mother she’s kind of embarrassed to learn that a lot of the kids there have parents that are highly influential in society or are simply far more financially stable than her mother and decides to try and pass off her background as something far more more impressive. The trick there is that your own talent often gets noticed ahead of your background when it’s good enough.

4. Charming

True love is a very big core element in many stories and is something that’s so easy to use and abuse that it comes naturally to this kind of tale. Prince Charming has the ability to charm any woman into loving him, but he has until his 21st birthday to find his true love or all the love in the world will simply fade away. On the other side of the spectrum is the woman that would be his true love were she not cursed to move as far away from the idea as possible. When the film comes to its final resolution however the two end up together after Charming’s self-sacrifice and begin their happily ever after.

3. Demi Lovato: Stay Strong

This documentary goes through the life that Demi has had to lead and talks about the bullying she endured, the depression, the eating disorder, and many other factors that have gone into her life that she has had to fight against in order to feel normal. At one point she begged to be homeschooled since she was being bullied so much and she received her high school diploma after being taught at home. Many people would probably look down their noses at her and say ‘poor baby’ before or after citing that many people in this world have it just as hard or even harder. But it’s not wise to simply brush someone’s pain aside and it’s much better to acknowledge that they were strong enough to keep moving forward.

2. Princess Protection Program

There are some that would think that such a story would be promoting irresponsibility on the part of the princess just to experience life on the outside is something that isn’t widely tolerated considering that their lives are considered too prized to fool around with. Yet for the purpose of a Disney movie it’s best to think of this as a way for someone that’s been born to privilege to see how the other half lives and get a better idea of what the world is really like from both sides of the spectrum. If more people had this kind of idea you can almost see how we might finally get along with one another.

1. The Smurfs: The Lost Village

This is definitely a twist on the Smurfs since in the first film it was discovered that Smurfette was created by Gargamel to infiltrate the Smurfs, thereby explaining why she was the only female in the entire village. But then it turns out there’s an entire village of female Smurfs that live apart from the males and have been flourishing just as much as the other village have. This brings to mind just where Smurfette fits in since she was created by another and thereby is not a natural part of the Smurf villages. In the end however she makes her choice and finally becomes a permanent part of the community.

Demi Lovato has been through adversity, as needs to be recognized.

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