“Thank You for Your Service” Trailer Sees Miles Teller Deal with PTSD

“Thank You for Your Service” Trailer Sees Miles Teller Deal with PTSD

“Thank You for Your Service” Trailer Sees Miles Teller Deal with PTSD

Lord knows we’ve had plenty of films that attempt to capture what it’s like for a soldier to adapt to home life after being gone at war.  In my mind there are a few that stick out greatly.  One of them is American Sniper.  Another is The Hurt Locker despite Jeremy Renner’s character only being home for a short while before wanting to get back into war.  The final one is Born on the Fourth of July which was an incredible film.

But I’d like to go back to American Sniper for a moment because this latest film, Thank you for your Service” is being compared to American Sniper.  It’s even being called a ripoff.  Thank You for Your Service follows Miles Teller as a US soldier who returns home after a tour in Iraq and attempts to get back in the rhythm of civilian life. As you might expect, Teller doesn’t find it easy to adapt to a world where people aren’t trying to kill him, and it makes for some intense drama.

Check out the trailer below:

Director Jason Hall explains the difference between this an American Sniper

“Coming home isn’t just about the boots on the soil: Coming home is a process of returning to self. I watched [Chris Kyle, the soldier from ‘American Sniper’] finding his way home in the relationship with his wife, as a father to his kids, and as a man. He was murdered … so I felt like that process was cut short. In Finkel’s book, it showed that entire journey. It seemed like the second half of ‘American Sniper.’”

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